Dressing to be addressed

How popular the saying ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’ is! Even more true it is when it comes to social events. It is either your dressing earns you respect or makes people to disrespect you. Your dressing can open doors for you or shut them! Also it is important to wear the appropriate outfit for any event.

How does the contemporary christian woman choose the right outfit while maintaining her identity as a christian?

Maddy (25) used to be a dancer in a club before she became a committed christian. She has been invited to her church’s youth dinner party. Maddy loves to look good and she has a  fondness for short dresses. She has picked out 3 dresses for the event but is yet to make up her mind on which to wear. She really wants to change her life style in line with the gospel. Can you help Maddy choose? Please tell us why you think your choice is more appropriate.

Dare to be different!

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