The contemporary christian woman in the work place

The Corporate Issue

The workplace can be a very difficult place for young women. You work as hard as every other person but sometimes you have to work twice as hard to earn people’s respect. Once people see that you are a young woman especially the men, they treat you as if you are less than them. Imagine how hard it can be for a young christian woman who wants to maintain her christian virtues.

Jessica is just 28 and she’s recently been promoted to a mid-level management position in her company. The first time Jessica gave a directive to one of the male officers in her office, he merely snorted and continued what he was doing. She repeated the directive but he replied curtly that he would get to it in his spare time. Jessica was mortified and nearly shouted at him but she checked herself in time when she remembered the verse she read in the bible that morning – ‘a fool gives full vent to his anger but a wise person quietly holds back’ (Prov 29:11).

The issue became even worse for Jessica when Mr. Douglas, another staff, made a snide comment in her presence that she slept with the boss to get that promotion. That was when Jessica lost her temper. She asked him where he was when she put in extra hours to get the work done. She asked him how much he had ever attracted to the company. She asked him if he had ever taken a major decision on behalf of the company while his job hung in the balance. With that, Jessica walked away and sneaked into the toilet to weep her heart out.

The work place can really be a challenging environment for young women in positions of authority. When you choose to be nice to co-workers, they might not respect you. If on the other hand, you decide to be mean, they will begin to see you as an autocratic person and you end up alienating people from yourself. Most women in authority have chosen the latter option in the past but as a christian, you have to maintain your virtues in the face of difficulties.

Here are some tips for young women in the work place.

  • Show genuine care and concern for other staff without sounding too soft or insincere
  • Try being friendly but draw a line
  • Don’t join in gossips
  • Try not to order people around or you may alienate yourself from them
  • Let people know your stand in Christ and your values without being too stiff
  • Be confident in your abilities
  • Be respectful to the menfolk
  • Let your work speak for you by being diligent and bringing results

It is not that hard to be the total woman. You have the Holy Spirit to guide you. Just ask!

Dare to be a difference!


3 thoughts on “The contemporary christian woman in the work place

  1. Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    On point ma’am!…practicable too!
    May we learn to appropriate the blessed resource of God’s Holy Spirit ubiquitously….
    I would bear this in mind for the nearest future.Thanks for sharing….

    May our work lives be resplendent!

    P.s ; How’s Jessica faring now?

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks Lizzie!
      I tell you oh, with the Holly Spirit there to guide us there’s no way we can fail.
      Jessie has learned to keep her emotions in check and work effectively with all kinds of people.
      She is now fast climbing up the corporate ladder.

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