God’s masterpiece


The woman is the most special creature God made. He was in no hurry when he made her. He took his time, created the heavenly bodies, the seas, the beautiful birds of the air, the animals and the man. He prepared everything for her arrival and then he created the special masterpiece – the woman.

First, he moulded her to be just like the man but something had to be different in the upper torso, so he made it softer and bigger.

He saw that it was good so he did the same at the back.

He also knew she would need a special part for procreation so he made the womb and carefully placed it inside her.

He saw that she and didn’t have to perform strenuous tasks (that was for the man) so he made her smaller and more fragile.

He knew the man would need to care for her and defend her so he made her as the weaker sex.

Something was needed to make her irresistible to the man so he made her beautiful.

But she needed to remain humble so he gave her a caring heart and nurturing spirit.

After he had made her, he looked at her and saw that she was good.


Woman, you are God’s special masterpiece!

2 thoughts on “God’s masterpiece

  1. princecil says:

    Wat a description I almost forgot I wz a man.well articulated.to a lager extent the writer has said the truth.women influence men more than the reverse.we need them for our total well being.GOD knew this and mmediately proceed with her creation for just the reason that it wz nt good for man to be alone.a nice one femme.

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