Every girl is beautiful; make-up, accessories, et al!

Hair extensions…make up…high heeled shoes…false eye lashes…false nails…trendy hairstyles…designer clothes…fashionable bags…fashion magazines…designer sunglasses…breast implants…silicon buttocks …um… which one did I leave out? The list is expanding everyday. I’m sure by now you’ve got an idea of the challenges the 21st century woman faces. Every girl is beautiful! Trends are changing so fast and you are expected to keep up (who wan carry last?). What is the fate of those that are still sticking to their beliefs that being fashionable is worldly? What is the limit for those who want to embrace fashion but retain their christian identity? What happens when the older women in the church condemn our fashionable dresses? Which aspect of fashionable items are permissible for us and which ones are not? These questions and many more keep plaguing our hearts.

As many as our churches and denominations are, so also are our doctrines and beliefs. For some, it is sinful to wear flashy clothes and jewellery at all because Aaron used the jewellery of the Hebrews to build the golden calf which they all bowed down to in the wilderness in Exod 32. Some say it is ok to wear jewellery but it must be very conservative because of the teachings of Apostle Paul about women in 1st Timothy 2:9. What about the issue of trousers? Some churches expressly proclaim it sinful to wear trousers as they are clothes pertaining to men, contrary to Deuteronomy 22:5 (I often ask if suits and T-shirts don’t pertain to men). The 11th verse of that same chapter says that nobody should wear any garment of diverse sorts ie. wool and linen mixed together, ??? lol. Yet no one has adequately provided concrete reasons why we should stick to our doctrines and so the questions keep warring in our minds, you know, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘but why’ kind of questions. The important thing I noted is that all these provisions bordered on the issues that were relevant at that time.

Whenever these questions come up in my circle, my first reply is ‘what is the basis for your belief?’ and believe me, I have made this statement often enough. Most of the fanatics don’t even know why they insist on enforcing these things.
If as a woman you have never faced any challenge in terms of dressing then I really need your input here (perhaps you are still a 19th century young woman…lol), we need to know how you do it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a conservative dresser but I don’t condemn fashionable women. I believe that fashion is a beautiful art and I love works of art but I do it moderately. I love perusing fashion magazines every now and then, and I admire trendy clothes.

I had a very close friend who always condemned my jeans as sinful. Imagine my surprise when I saw her years after graduation and she was in a pair of jeans. When I pointed it out, she smiled and told me her husband liked it (So what is her position on that or was she under duress when she wore it?) and so she wore it.

After all this period of gravitating over all these and trying to find an answer, I have come to a conclusion (much like the author of ecclesiates) that the solution is to have a personal conviction on whatever you decide to do, based on the word of God. Find your facts for yourself, do your research, and ask for God’s guidance in seeking these answers. I have found my own answer anyway. If you want to know my answers…hmm…well, you’ll have to ask for a one on one session lol. Remember, it takes courage to stand out!


Dare to be a difference.


Please drop a comment. Tell me what you think.

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