For the men, 10 things to know about us…

Girls don’t be mad at me for making this post but the men really need to hear this. I’m not on their side oh! Guys don’t become cocky either because I’m letting you in our little secrets. I put together a few notes on things women hide from men and some wrong assumptions men have about women. Don’t hesitate to state if you disagree with any of them. Enjoy!

  • If you have something to hide, she’ll find it! We always know…we just let on less than we know. Call it basic female instinct or whatever (ever wondered why you could never hide your mischievous acts from your mom as a child?). You think she doesn’t know? She’s just waiting for the right time to confront you with it.
  • Men and work! Please don’t ever attempt to think that she doesn’t mind when your work is a priority over her.
  • You just met and you are calling all day even late at night (midnight call):  you must either be a very
    confident dude to even think about doing this. You might just have spoiled your chances.
  • Every once in a while she’s gonna pick a fight with you for no reason. For want of something else to explain it, just blame it on our monthly raging hormones.
  • Women know where they stand looks-wise! If you are ever going to make any comment about her looks, it had better be to tell her she looks nice. BTW we like to hear it all the time. It feeds our vanity.
  •  It never hurts to say you’re sorry, even if you don’t mean it. Just say the magic word, it doesn’t matter how many times you do. It always works.
  • A little privacy please! We understand your need to be obsessive and curious but do you really need to know everything? Let her have her own space please.
  • She’s not as dumb as you think.I heard about a study that said “children inherit intelligence from their mothers”. If this is true, then imagine how dumb it is to think that she’s dumb. A woman gave birth to you remember.
  • Her friends matter! Believe it or not, they’re there when you’re not. So if your are hoping to impress her, her friends also have to be impressed.
  •  Girls don’t want to date doormats. As much as she likes to have her way every now and then, she also likes you to insist sometimes. However, nobody likes an overbearing person so keep it on the down low, will ya.

Finally, like my good friend says, don’t try to understand everything about us!

Please drop a comment. Tell me what you think.

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