Advice from an unlikely source

I live in a very remote part of the country. In this part of the country, nobody is your friend a long as money is concerned. People are often mean to each other and fights break out every now and then (money is always at the root of the quarrel), everybody is always in a hurry to make more money. In fact, If you think you are a lady and you want to cross the road like one, you better prepare to sleep on the road that day cos no one will slow down for you. Ok, enough of the exaggeration, it’s not that bad.

I had a very significant experience that made me realize that there are still good people around. It was from an unlikely source, a ‘keke‘ driver.
For those that may not know what a keke is, it is a three-legged car that has suddenly become the preferred means of transportation since motorcycles were banned in the city.

Anyway, so I had just had a very bad day at the bank (my account was still reading zero and the female accounts officer was trying so hard to conceal a smirk, maybe cos I was so well dressed and spoke with a yankee accent) and I left feeling almost depressed as I thought about all the bills I was yet to pay. I entered the first keke I saw, still hissing angrily. At first, I didn’t even notice the driver (do you usually  notice the cab/bus driver?). It was when he stopped because there was a little traffic jam that I heard him singing with a melodious voice. He was singing,
                                    Great is thy faithfulness
                                    Morning by morning
                                   New mercies I see
                                  All I have needed
                                  Thy hands have provided
                                  Great is thy faithfulness
                                  Lord unto me
I sat there, enraptured by the meaning in his song. When I found my voice, I said to him, ‘you have a very nice voice, sir’. He giggled softly and said ‘thank you, my sister’.

Then he said to me, ‘You see, God has been faithful to me. I used to own a big rice shop in this town until there was a fire outbreak that affected my shop a year ago. Things became worse for me and I almost lost hope. Today, God has made me a proud owner of this keke with which I can comfortably feed my family and make an honest living. I noticed how angry you were when you came into my car. Whatever it is that is troubling you, don’t lose hope. God is faithful and he will never leave nor forsake you. Count your blessings instead of your losses. You may not have money now but you have life and good health. Thank God for that’.

As the man spoke, I felt goosebumps all over me. Here was I, thinking about my problems while someone who had encountered such difficulty remained positive. He eventually dropped me at my location and drove away without accepting my money. He was still singing ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ as he drove away.


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