If God were to show us the real reasons for our actions…

Imagine if you went to sleep one night and found yourself standing all alone with God in a cinema. Imagine if  God showed you a movie in which you were the star. Imagine if you were to see the reasons behind some of your actions, reasons you thought nobody else knew, reasons that you wouldn’t even want to admit to yourself?

Imagine if in the movie you saw any of these scenes:

– When you gave money to the lame beggar in front of the fast-food joint, it wasn’t because you had pity on him and really wanted to be charitable. You merely did it because he was really following you around and you were embarrassed.

– When you said ‘I forgive you’ to your friend that hurt you, it was only because you didn’t want people to think you were unforgiving but you were really planning to revenge when she least expected it.

– When you made that donation in church, it wasn’t because you really wanted to help the church. You just wanted people to see you do so.

– When your friend told you she had gotten a job while you were still in the job market, you hugged her excitedly and said ‘I’m so happy for you’ but you only did it because you didn’t want her to know that you were really jealous of her.

– When you offered a seat to an older woman at that office it wasn’t because you were humble, you only did it because you went there to look for a job and needed to make a good impression on the people there.

– When you saw that girl with a hunchback who lives on your street, you said to your friend, ‘I feel so sorry for her’ but you were really thinking, ‘thank God I’m not like that!’

– When your friend came crying to you that her boyfriend broke up with her, you gave her your shoulder to cry on and gave her some words of encouragement but you were really happy to hear about the break-up because you were afraid she would get married before you.

– When you joined the choir in your church, it wasn’t because you were really interested in serving God. You only did it because you wanted to meet that handsome dude that was the choir director.

Prov. 20:27 NLT

Ok, thank your God it was just a dream. Now it’s time for you to wake up and change your attitude.


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