Ladies…. how far are we willing to go to look good? Fake hair, false nails, false eyelashes, fake boobs, false this, fake that, fake…fake…fake. Who are we doing all these for, the men? Here’s a man’s opinion on our overwhelming falseness. Enjoy!

I can still remember the look on her face the moment I stumbled into her room that evening unannounced and saw her quickly put something that looked like boobs made with foam inside a bag. I was short of words when I looked at her and realized that something was radically different in her chest region. She was no longer busty but almost flat chested. Where went the big boobs? I wondered silently, as she stood staring at me and not making any attempt to hide anything anymore. There are many girls like Temi (that’s the name of the girl), who can go any length to look their best, only to end up looking like a caricature of themselves or even like newspaper cartoons.

Talking about ‘fake’ which girl is real nowadays? Everything about most girls now is fake. From the false eye lashes, to the brazillian hair, from the false nails to their enhanced lips, boobs and booty.  I can’t even understand why these girls have to endure the pains of injections or go under the knife in the name of plastic surgeries just to look beautiful. To even consider the fact that this may be someone’s real hair gives me the creeps? What if it is a dead persons hair? They are no longer satisfied with their natural looks. In fact, telling a girl that you like it when she looks natural is almost akin to telling her that she’s ugly. A girl once told me that I was only telling her that I like it when she looks natural because I’m stingy and I don’t want to spend money on her. Can you believe that? Some even pay in installments or starve themselves just to buy brazillian weave-on to fix. Something that is worth more than 50 bags of cement. I mean, think of it…. I can actually start up a building project with the same money she will use to buy fake hair.

Go to our university campuses today, you will find many girls like that. You begin to wonder if they are in school to study or what. From head to toe, everything is fake. Their artificial looks are even more precious to them than their books. As you see them fixing this and that and spending more time in the salon and in front of the mirror than they spend in the class or with their books just to look good. The funny thing is most of them depend on their boyfriends or sugar daddies to buy all these things.

What happened to being ‘black’ and proud? What happened to natural beauty? What happened to being confident in your looks? What happened to being proud of your colour and natural features? Why spend thousands of naira just to look fake rather than beautiful? From bleaching, they are now into botox, artificials boobs and fake eye lashes like that of Goodie on big brother stargame show. And we also have those who now do tattoos on their arms and bum bums as well. You can imagine what our girls are turning into. They want to look more foreign than the oyibos. Then when it is time to go to bed at night, the fake boobs come off, the heavy make up comes off, the fake booty, expensive hair and in the end, they become something totally different and ‘ugly’.

Tell me, are these girls for real? I have to ask, who are you trying to impress? If you succeed in altering yourself to look beautiful and you end up looking too artificial, who do you think will want to walk up to you and say hello? We men want to see the real you. We want to wake up in the morning and not scream in fright, wondering if our nightmare materialized and lay beside us at night. We want to know that you are happy and confident in who you are. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when a woman looks beautiful and attractive. I’m not against using make-up to enhance beauty. What I don’t like is the ‘plastic’ look most girls are going for now. So tell me, are they for real?


Marvel Eke


One thought on “ARE THEY FOR REAL?

  1. Uzoma says:

    Dear Mr Eke,
    I appreciate your opinion as regards female body enhancers(As I would call them), however I feel your opinion is prejudicial.I don’t believe all girls must be stupid to be using these things, or the manufacturers are crazy either.There is always no smoke without fire.Enhancers like clothes serve different purposes viz:confidence and attraction.Judging girls on the later alone would be prejudicial.After all, its not all girls that you would meet early in the morning to see how they actually look. What happens to that girl who goes out for interviews and needs to look good?goes for a party and needs to meet up people? is always ridiculed because she has tiny boobs and ass?Always avoided because she is not naturally endowed? Remember first impression matters.
    Men on the other hand are crazy and believe in what they see….that is why girls do everything to get our attention..I think when you as a man stops looking at physical attraction, then girls will stop using enhancers..As long as this is the order of nature, the role and place of enhancers cannot be overemphasized.
    Little story…I had a girl friend, the first time we went on date I commented that I liked her boobs, When we started dating, I realized they were fake, but then, I was in and I liked her beyond that quality, so I carried on…………

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