I saw an angel

I saw the light on her face. It spread across slowly from one corner to the other. It sparkled more than a million diamonds. I wasn’t sure how but I saw a prism reflecting that luminescence, a rainbow of the most exotic colours in her eyes. She coloured my world in that instant, replacing the dark, grey hues with bubbles of positivity and hope. Her eyes crinkled at the corners, like she shared a secret with the rays of the fading sun that slightly grazed her cheeks. I saw the dimples deepen like a fountain sculpted by the world’s greatest sculptor. Her nose flared as if she had smelled the loveliest fragrance from the gentle evening breeze. In that instant I knew I had seen an angel. A real life angel that fully embodied beauty and grace.

It was on a busy walkway in Wuse. It was but a moment in time. As usual people thronged the street, hurrying to meet up with the never ending shadows. Nobody knew that I had just lost my job. No one saw the dusty coat and bent shoulders of a man who saw no hope for tomorrow. She walked by. She looked at my face, looked me in the eyes like she truly saw my heart through my eyes, she smiled and walked on by. I wasn’t sure how she did it, in that swift moment she had swept away my pain. My shoulders were drooped like the weight of the whole world rested on it.  In my hopeless, dejected stated, I felt like she had reached out to me with invisible hands and pulled me to stand upright. Such was the power of that smile. I truly believe I saw an angel that day.


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