The I do shoes

Ok, you can stop ogling the shoes now. Yeah, I know they’re cute and you’re wondering what the front looks like…lol. I can assure you that they’re absolutely gorgeous. Well, this post is not about the beautiful wedding shoes. It’s not even about shoes either. It’s about the person that wants to be in those shoes soon.

Ladies, oh how much we love beautiful shoes. Cobblers will never have to go hungry as long as women are on the planet and the men are there to be bugged by us. We go click clack… click clack, relishing every moment of the elevation and the attention it brings us. We have beautiful shoes for every occasion, lovely colours, shapes and sizes.

Talking about the I do shoes, just as we take time to select every other accessory for the d-day, the shoes are not left out. We just want to feel special in those lovely shoes. Now, who really sees the I do shoes except the few girlfriends and bridesmaids that go oooh and ahhh, goggling the exquisite pair? Its hidden for the most part of the event.

It’s just the same with our hearts. Who really sees our hearts and knows us? As adults we have become adept at hiding the contents of our hearts and putting up a bold front. Every experience that hurts us, we carefully tuck beneath an I-dont-care exterior but deep down inside we may be hurting. Nobody sees that part, not even the man that will be walking with you down the aisle. Sometimes if he is sensitive he might get a glimpse of it or he may never know. So this heart keeps yearning for expression.

We only see the beautiful shoes and wish we could have them. But there’s one person that sees the baggage you carry within your heart. The fear, disappointment, shame, hurt, uncertainty, disillusionment and despair. There is one person that can truly understand your hopes and aspirations, your hearts desires and your greatest wishes. He is the only one that does not mind sharing you with another man and is even happier when the man is his son.  Feel free in being honest with him. Just bare your whole heart to him and he will take care of it for you. He will mend the part that is broken and give expression to your desires. Do you want to know who this person is? He is the one who died to set you free. The I do shoes need not be hidden anymore.

Dare to stand out….





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