Human Female Tigers – beware!

Hmmm… I’m sure you’re wondering if an astounding scientific/zoological discovery that links humans with tigers has been made. If you’re wondering whether a cross breed of humans and tigers has evolved, wonder no more. They are already in existence, living amongst us with real fangs and razor sharp claws. They are intimidating and ferocious, nothing like the regular women. Oh yes, I’m referring to the every day women, some of whom are our neighbours, some we interact with on a daily basis, engage in business transactions and even have close family ties with. But then these are not really your regular women oh!

Like the tigers, they don’t retreat in the face of fear. In fact they go all out to invite danger. They are aggressive and ferocious. They terrorize their neighbours and more alarmingly, their husbands. These non-regular women are becoming bolder by the day.

Ok, we’re down to the juicy part of the post (enough of beating about the bush). Now, I’m one person that cringes whenever I hear about domestic violence. I can’t even imagine why a man would turn his home into an boxing ring and his wife into a punching bag with his children and neighbours as spectators. But this one is even worse. The tables have been turned. The female tigers control their husbands physically with violence. As incredible as it may sound, it is true. I know some people are tempted to say ‘serves the men right’ especially considering the cases of men’s violence to their wives even resulting in death sometimes. But this is a serious situation oh.

My neighbour’s wife is a human female tiger! Initially, it was just the occasional screams coming from their house at night and curiously it’s usually only the man’s voice that we often hear. Now, their fights or should I say the beatings have been carried to their front door. What was the problem this time, Mr. George told us tearfully that he went out with his friends for a drink the night before even though his wife told him not to. He went anyway and when he came back she started beating him. Did I mention that his wife is a buxom 6ft 4inches tall woman while Mr. George is smallish? (you get the picture). Thinking about it gives me goose bumps. I mean, a man crying out and begging his wife to stop beating him while she continues hitting him and calling him all sorts of names. Naturally, all the other women in my area are afraid of her and so no one wants to talk to her about it. They talk behind her when she’s not there but the moment she passes by, they all retreat. I tire oh! I’m still gathering the courage to go talk to her one day and tell her how a virtuous woman should be and maybe share Prov. 31 with her (are you kidding me… I think I’d rather just pray that she will change).


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