African woman

The African woman epitomizes the true concept of womanhood. Love and nurturing come naturally to her. She lives to love and care. Picture this…

-She balances her clay pot on her head, adjusts the baby strapped to her back and walks with quiet grace, ignoring the ache in her abdomen. Her only thought is how to get home on time and feed her family.

-She counts her money in excitement. The meager proceeds she received from her sales in the market that day, after haggling with customers for hours and convincing them that her smoked fish was the best east of the Niger, would be just enough to pay her son’s school fees.

-She leaves the office at exactly 5pm to meander through thick traffic to get home and prepare dinner for her family. It doesn’t matter to her that her back hurts from sitting at a desk for 9 hours. She just wants her family to be happy.

Three African women from entirely different backgrounds. Yet they have one thing in common – their love for their families. No matter how hard life is, no matter how difficult things get, the African woman never gives up on her love for her family. With every waking moment, with every passing hour, with every strength in her bones and with her very last breath, the African woman lives to love for love is who she is.

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