I love my body….do you really?

How often do you say, “I love my body” and really mean it? There’s always that “I wish I was a little slimmer or I wish I wasn’t so short or maybe if my ears could have been a little smaller, I wish I wasn’t so dark or if only my boobs were bigger or I wish I had a nicer figure. I mean, does anybody really really love her body the way it is? And if your answer to that question is yes then it’s either u are the world’s biggest liar or u have attained that place we all aspire to.

I think we women are most affected by this. Maybe it is because greater emphasis is placed on our looks than that of the men and in a situation whereby it is your looks that gets you noticed before anything else you now see why it is easier to obsess about it. With every new ad on tv, billboards and every new magazine we see, we are reminded of just one more thing we need to fix on our bodies. Society is not even making it any easier. I mean, the regular African girl has the tendency to fatten up at a certain age but now you are reminded every second that you are out of shape and therefore not attractive enough. Some people are still comfortable in looking simple but no one needs to tell you that you need to “tush” up before stepping out of the house. And just when you think you have arrived, you find out one more thing that needs fixing on your body. It could be that waistline that just won’t lessen despite the body slimmer you wore or your eyebrows that just won’t stay right despite the number of times you tweeze it or that flabby arm you are so ashamed of whenever you wear sleeveless dresses. It could be so infuriating, wanting to look perfect and coming up short all the time.

At this point I think it is necessary to draw your attention to one simple verse, “…and God saw everything he had made and behold it was very good” Gen 1:31a. Another translation says it was perfect. Guess what? Your body is perfect the way it is for your purpose on earth. It doesn’t matter whether you are too short or too tall or your face is too fat or your lips are crooked. You are part of God’s idea of perfection so stop obsessing about what is not perfect about you by the world’s standard. Do I also need to point out that the part of you which you are obsessing about is the part someone else is wishing for? Have you heard about the boy that was crying because he had no shoes until he saw someone without legs? When you are successful at whatever you do nobody is going to remember what you look like. In fact it even makes your story more interesting. People like to see success born out of imperfection. We need to remind ourselves that there are people who started up like us and attained what we desire.

As a matter of fact, the more you obsess about what is not perfect about you, the more you build up a well of ingratitude in your life. Who is to say but the thing you hate most about your body may just be what somebody else loves about you.

We need to learn to be more accepting of ourselves. Can the thing that was made say to the one who made it, “I don’t like the way you made me”? Rom 9:20. You are good the way you are. I’m not condemning enhancing your looks, just make sure you are doing it for the right purpose. If not, you may fix up yourself till you look like the most beautiful woman on earth and still feel like the ugliest woman on earth.

The next time you look at your body and feel like you could change something, just take a good look at yourself say, “I love my body” and really mean it.



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