Get rid of that bitterness

Have you noticed the wrinkles on your forehead? It is getting even deeper now as you are wondering how it got there. Guess who put it there? You! It didn’t happen overnight. It started out slowly. First, it happened when you refused to let go of your anger because someone disappointed you. You refused to talk about it and you told everyone that you were not angry but you kept shooting angry sparks at her with your eyes when you thought no one was looking. Okay, no one saw it but that was when the first line appeared on your forehead. Next it was your friend at school that stole your homework and submitted it to your teacher as hers. You did another one anyway and forgave her when she asked for your forgiveness but did you really…because another line appeared on your forehead. Then your boss passed over you and gave the promotion to someone else. Afterwards it was your father, your mother, your mother-in-law, your relatives, your co-worker, the man that stepped on your foot this morning, in fact everyone. You are just angry with everyone and you don’t even know why anymore. Sometimes you actually feel the lines getting deeper on your forehead and a heavy load on your chest. Some people even avoid you because they can literally feel the negative energy vibrating from your bitter mind.

Do you really want to get rid of it? I ask because some people would rather stay bitter their whole lives. It is like a comforting pillow to them. Well, you can only get rid of the bitterness by making a mental effort to get rid of it. You can also try to remember that offense must always arise. You can’t stop people from being their hurtful, mean selves but u can choose not to let them rule your spirit. It is okay to feel bad when people do terrible things to you but don’t let it fester in your mind for too long. If it feels to hard to let go then try praying about it and praying for the person. You can hardly hate someone you pray for.

Be the bigger person, forgive and let go of the bitterness. You are the femmetotale.

Dare to be a difference.

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