I just saw this old post I made about procrastination and I’m wondering when I’ll take my own advice. I still have many things piled up in my to-do list. In fact I’ve made up my mind to change…starting tomorrow..lol. Enjoy it.


You won’t believe how many times I’ve tried to write this article. Each time it was as if there was some invisible force propelling me to drop my pen and do something a lot easier like say, watch a movie or play around with my phone or just simply lie down on my bed and stare into thin air.

Thinking about it now, after mustering some energy to pull myself away from the grip of this cobweb around my head and will power, the invisible force is none other than my age-long friend, procrastination. I’m sure he’s as much your friend as he’s mine. He is friends with so many people that I’m sure he’s even lost count. The thing is he always makes his options look so simple yet he is the reason I’ve lost out on and missed so many important things in my life. Still I’ve not…

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