That perfect man

The perfect man is the one that has all the features you want in a man. He is rich, handsome, dark, has dreamy eyes, nice hair, baritone voice, and that cool swagger in his steps. He has the hunky looks of a male model. His bank account is over 9 figures and he never loses his temper or shouts at you. He is considerate, charming and generous. Even in the eyes of his fellow men, he is like a demi-god. He can easily tell what you want and he gives it to you without hesitation. You are the envy of your girlfriends and they all wish they had a man like yours.

He drives a very expensive car and lives in a mansion with stewards, cooks and all kinds of domestic staff. For good measure, he is even the heir to a  successful business empire. That means you don’t have to work a day in your life or worry about paying your children’s fees. He has eyes for only you and pays no attention to any other woman no matter how much they try to get him. He buys you gifts all the time and pays attention to your needs. He doesn’t put you under pressure to do what you don’t want to do and doesn’t snap at you when you’re late.  He stands up for you in front of his family and always takes your side. He’s always nice to you even when you’re irritable.

He understands your excesses and makes excuses for you when you do something wrong. He doesn’t panic in the face of trouble but is always ready to defend you from danger. He is as solid as a rock and very reliable. He doesn’t withhold help from the needy and doesn’t relent in doing what is right. He is not boring at all but knows how to have fun with you. He doesn’t forget to call you with the excuse of being so busy with work. He doesn’t forget your birthday or anniversaries and springs up exciting surprises to keep the spark in your relationship.

‘So where is this perfect man and does he exist?’ you wonder. Of course he does exist. He lives somewhere in that imaginary fairytale world where everything is perfect. The idea of a perfect man is really not so far-fetched. All you need to do to have that perfect man is to be the perfect woman yourself.

Being a difference…



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