The True Delilah Story

Have you met Delilah? Are you friends with her? Before you conclude that I must be nuts to be talking about someone who lived centuries ago, you’ve got to read this piece first. Most times when you hear the name Delilah, your first instinct is to hiss and spit and cringe at the thought of the evil woman who truncated Samson’s and nearly a whole nation’s destiny. If you suggest naming your daughter Delilah to someone she may even stare at you as if you have suddenly sprouted horns, meanwhile Delilah is a very lovely name. As in the name Delilah is synonymous with female guile and evil manipulations. Today, after reading the story of Delilah over again, I got a different insight on the woman called evil and a better understanding of how many Delilahs known by other names that we have in existence today.

Delilah was a very beautiful woman, attractive and self-seeking like many of us today. She didn’t bother about the consequences of her actions or the name she would forever smear with hatred and ridicule. It wasn’t a dent on her conscience to know that she was betraying a man who loved her enough to hand over all his power to her. It was just another good deal that had clicked. She was excited to hear how much she could make from her latest mugu, how many more designers clothes, shoes and handbags she could buy, how many latest perfumes and hairstyles she could spot with her payoff. Does she now sound familiar to you? Have you now remembered when you met her?

There was no gun to her head when she gave up her man. There was no threat on the lives of her family members. She simply saw a quick way of making money and she took it. Whatever name she is known by, Delilah is the woman who uses her feminine guile to manipulate men to whom she is not married for monetary gains (I should put that in a dictionary…lol). We do it every day, pouting and whining until he gives us the money for a new iphone, a new wardrobe, a new car, etc. Some have even succeeded in getting him to turn his wealth over to them. What right do you have to judge the sexy woman called Delilah when you are just as bad? ‘I didn’t force him,’ you say, oh yes, Delilah might as well only have told Samson that there would be no more *** for him until he told her what she wanted. Of course she didn’t force him. A woman doesn’t really need a gun. What caught my attention was the fact that she tricked him three times before he eventually gave up his secret. If only women could be more persistent at entrepreneurship the way we are persistent with Delilahship, we would have no need for women empowerment programmes.

So how many Delilah’s do you know and have you ever tried to talk them out of it? Don’t forget she could be your best friend, your neighbour or even you! Try a better way and turn a new leaf. Don’t end his destiny.

Dare to stand out…


Judges 16: 4-31

2 thoughts on “The True Delilah Story

  1. Hezman says:

    Wow, dis is simply great! If only our ladies wld put dis into practice, den d entire world will be a beta place. Nice one dear, plsss keep it up!

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