Point and Kill

I don’t quite think I’ve laughed as much as I did today since the beginning of this year! If u were with me I’m sure you would probably have had to stitch your sides by now after laughing so hard. You want to know the reason for my laughter? Well, this is what happened. I saw a sign post…well it was more like a banner. On it was boldly written, POINT AND KILL. Sorry, but it’s not what you think. It wasn’t some nice joint where people pick out the largest fish in a pond or a turkey and order for it to be roasted and enjoy it over a bottle of wine while watching dancers and listening to naija music. This one was something much more than that. It was more like a spiritual war mobilization arena. This is not plain fiction oh! It was real. On the banner were pictures of the scariest snakes, scorpions, dogs, tortoise, cats etc and the commandant of the army had a catapult in his hand. I wondered if he thought himself a spiritual David facing animal Goliaths.

While I was laughing so hard and wondering who on earth would join that prayer ministry, it dawned on me that we really don’t know what prayer is all about. Do we pray just because we need something and do we need spiritual weapons to pray? Do we pray because it is a ritual or a necessary part of the religion we practice. Why do we even need to pray? Why is prayer is sooo boring! Why don’t we only pray in church since we can hardly avoid it.  Do we pray best when we shout at the top of our voices and does God answer prayers according to whose voice is loudest or whose tears flow most? My guest blogger has this to say about this master key to God’s heart. I hope you enjoy it.

                                                Why is Prayer boring?
Most times in church, the message either in part or in its entirety is usually focused on prayer. No matter the topic; faith, hope, love, discipline or prosperity, prayer is often mentioned as a requirement.
Sometimes we want to pray but we don’t or can’t. Why?

My simple answer is that Prayer is boring. Are you shocked? Don’t pretend you’ve never had the same thought. Well, the exception are those that claim to be prayer warriors.

For the majority, prayer is a ritual, a struggle, a burden and an unpleasant task (except when a robber is pointing a gun to your head or you are about to experience an accident).

The truth is that prayer is simply a conversation. How do you feel talking to a God who doesn’t say anything?
I find it booooring…! Your friends, the ones you send BBMs to, tweet or chat with on fb hold more interest for you, right? At least they always have juicy gists and they respond when you say something. Though you may hesitate to admit it openly, you definitely prefer it to prayer.

Well, God has something to gist with you too. Prayer is not as boring as you think and it is not the ritual we have turned it into. Neither is it a charade of jumping around and screaming at the top of our voices.
Try something different today. Pray as though you are conversing with a friend. Pause after each sentence and wait for a reply. He may comment on what you said, smile, nod, ask you a question or remind you of a scripture. It may take a while but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Does it sound too good to be true? It is real but you will need to have the help of the holy spirit to do this. It’s not so difficult. Just ask for his help. Throughout the day, maintain a running commentary on your activities. For example, while making breakfast, ‘what do you think Lord, bread and egg or yesterday’s leftover rice?’

Keep at it until you start hearing his replies. It will jazz up your prayer life. I mean, talk about exciting! Do you consider yourself a talkative? The Holy Spirit is both an interesting gister and a wonderful listener. So come on, get talking now!

By Nnenna



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