Yuletide Zest


The time is here again…the time when all kinds of bells are ringing incessantly. The air is tick with excitement and joy. It’s the time to bid farewell to the past and say hello to new beginnings. It’s the time to look good, to shed the look for the year and catch new ones. Everyone catches the Christmas bug and the fever is so high. The new clothes have been bought, the new shoes, accessories and yes food. No one can blame you for wanting to spend all your hard earned earnings this year on looking good, afterall it comes but once a year.

I love Christmas! It’s the family reunions that make it most exciting for me, I think, or just the idea of endings and new beginnings. I look forward to the yuletide zest. It’s not just the beautiful cool europeanish weather albeit with all the dust, or the new clothes we buy without any thought for the coming months, or the  cards and numerous messages that tell me I’m thought of, it is simply the beauty of it all that I love. Christmas really is a beautiful period. Jesus couldn’t have chosen a better time to make his entry into our world.

Christmas is about forgiveness, sacrificial love, spending time with the king, peace, joy and merry making. Let’s not forget to focus on the one whom it’s all about.

Ladies you know Christmas is most special for us. It’s finally time to fix the peruvian hair you had been saving up all year for, and to wear those heels you’ve been terrified of since just because you have to look your best, never mind how much pain it causes you. Let’s not forget the singles and all the strategies to get off the singles status this year and join the merry married! Don’t act like you haven’t bought that beautiful dress that will get you to stand out in church on Christmas morning. Don’t try to pretend you won’t scour the homes of the handsome bachelors, with the excuse of greeting their moms while smiling coyly at the potential suitors.

The bottom line is Christmas is a merry period so be merry no matter what and forget about all your worries of the year. Embrace joy and goodness and your expectations will surely be met.

Be a merry femmetotale…

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