What I’d love for Valentine’s day


at peaceLike they say, ‘love is in the air’. Yeah! It’s not only in the air, it is on our billboards, newspapers and TVs. It’s wearing wine red lingerie beckoning on you to step into it’s shops and max out your credit card. Those long valentine legs are in stilettos and luxurious hairs, calling out to you to come make their day. It’s even on the church altar, on the lovely red and white backdrops and programmes lined up for the week. You don’t believe in love? The only way you can avoid it this week is if you can take a trip to Venus and while you’re at it, make sure all radios are turned off and wear opaque lens so you won’t see all those happy couples holding hands.

Couples are making plans, hoping and waiting. The questions lurk in the corner… Is he going to blow my mind this valentine? Is he somehow going to read my mind and pick out the exact gift I’m hoping for? Is he even going to remember that we ought to celebrate love? Is he going to appreciate the gifts I’ve got for him (and ladies please boxers and singlets don’t count)? What if he’s not interested in being my val? Is he going to spend the day with me or will his phone’s battery suddenly mysteriously run down that day? Chocolates and flowers are nice but is he going to pick flowers outside my house and bring one packet of Mars again like he did last year? Uhuh, worse still, is he going to claim that only worldly people have time to celebrate valentine’s day instead of admitting that he’s too stingy to make that day special for both of you? The list is endless.

And the non-couples…that’s another story altogether. While you’re putting up cute love messages, sublimal or otherwise on twitter, facebook and BB, someone some where is earnestly hoping that she won’t get left out of the celebrations of love this year, hoping that cupid would come alive and shoot a love arrow that would pierce cleancute puppyly through that her co-worker’s heart and make him notice her beyond her work clothes. Someone else is wary of the season of love cos it’ll only bring up those memories she’d tried to keep on a lock-down since he broke her heart.

Ahah yes! So what would you love to have this valentine? I, for one, have made a list of what I would love for valentine. Here’s a few of them:

A cute puppy…surprised? I’d really love to see those wide sincere and innocent eyes staring up at me, walking with me, staying close when I’m sad and bringing me loads of joy.

A box off chocolates…cliché, yes but I’d love chocolates cos it tastes heavenly and gives you a sense of well-being and pleasure. It’s often been said that chocolate takes a chocolatesman’s place but what happens when both the man and chocolate are present?

A diamond necklace...yea yeah…let the girl dream. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s not only beautiful, it lasts forever. So if you want to make my Val’s day, please give me diamonds.

diamond necklace

A bouquet of red roses…although a popular symbol of love, roses also remind us that you can stay beautiful even in the midst of thorns.Valentines-Day
Last but not the least…oh well…this is actually the main gift I’d love for valentine! What I’d really love is for people to become a totality of all these gifts – sincere innocence in love like puppies, pleasant and comforting like chocolates, constant and precious like diamonds, beautiful even in the midst of thorns like roses.

That said, I’m sooo looking forward to enjoying the Valentine’s day this year. Feel free to drop my own lovely gifts…**winks and you sure will get yours too. Spread love, share love and please don’t stop when the day is over.

Warm kisses…

Celebrating the season of love



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