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From the very first time you see him you just can’t help being attracted to him. Is it the confidence he exudes, the self-assured smile or the aura that surrounds him? You just can’t put your finger on why you and every other girl are attracted to him. There is definitely something that makes him seem special. He’s not a movie star, a musician or a tv personality. In fact, as much as you can tell he’s never been in front of the cameras yet he looks as if he must have co-stared with James Bond in Skyfall. Yea, he looks so suave in his double breasted suit and starched white shirt with sterling silver cufflinks. You imagine he would look good in anything. He walks like he’s been trained in ballroom dancing, each step speaking volumes of his class.

He has the makings of a perfect gentleman. From across the room, you can tell that he’s admiring you and aren’t you just glad you ‘dressed to kill’ for that party? You’re mentally hoping that the perfume you just spent a whooping sum to get will do its magic and draw him over to you like the advert you saw. Hmm, you wonder silently what kind of job he must have to look this good. You imagine it must be in region of 6 zeros. You giggle slightly as he walks over to your side of the hall, thanking God that he likes you though there are so many other beautiful ladies in the room.

‘Hello’ he says, and you feel like swooning and falling into his waiting arms. His voice is just as sexy as you imagined. You always find confidence in men attractive. You expertly hide your excitement as you say hello too. The rest of the evening is lost on you as you gaze into his ruggedly handsome face. He pulls a seat out for you like the perfect gentleman he is and gets you a drink. When you ask him about his job, he chuckles and you apologize for being too forward. ‘It’s ok’, he replies. ‘I’m a government contractor’, he says. ‘Hmm’, you smile silently to yourself, stealing a glance at his well-crafted shoes. The rest of the conversation flows smoothly that night. You’re only too glad to talk about your job and share jokes with him. He’s very good at making conversation.

When the night ends, you find yourself reluctant to tear yourself away from him. Before he even asks, you offer him your number and tell him not to forget to call you the next day. You walk with him to the door and ask if he can give you a ride back since your friend who invited you for the event is still busy. He laughs and scratches his head nervously. ‘I came with my friends too,’ he says, reluctant to tell you that he came with an okada. You’re quick to understand. After all his car may have just developed a fault that day. Luckily your friend shows up and you leave together. Just before you get in the car, he gives you a butterfly kiss on your cheek and leaves you feeling on top of the world. On the journey home, you tell your friend all about him, excitedly, so sure that you have met THE ONE. ‘He’s so cool and romantic, in fact he’s coolmantic’, you enthuse. She smiles along with you, wishing she was the one in your shoes and feeling sorry for herself. You are oblivious to all that as you fantasize about your date with him the next day.

Wow, the next day couldn’t have come too soon. He’s looking as suave and handsome as ever. He invited you to a nice restaurant you had only seen it’s ads on tv. He tells you that he’s in a bit of a fix cos the cab man was unable to find change for his N1000 note. Ignoring the feeling of unease in your heart, you eagerly pay. He flashes those gorgeous teeth at you and you forget all about your misgivings. The date is such a memorable experience as you laugh at his Basket mouth jokes. Then the date is over, the waiter comes over with the bill and… ‘Shit!’ I must have lost my wallet! This is so embarrassing.’ He says. ‘Can you please handle this bill and I’ll take care of the next?’ Maybe it’s the confidence with which he says it or you’re still enjoying his company so much that you don’t know when you say, ‘sure’ and pull out your purse. He ends the evening by telling you that you are the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and he fears you’ve won his heart. You are on top of the world as you go back home that evening to tell your friends about him, carefully leaving out the wallet parts.

Before long, you are both in a love relationship. Before long, you realize that he’s not that cool and romantic like you thought. He has no job and has never done a government contract in his life. His wallet is always missing and you begin to wonder if he’s ever had one in the first place. Now you see that coolmantic is not cool at all and is eons far from romantic. All those things you thought were so important when you first met him will begin to seem like nothing. You being to wonder what you were thinking when you were looking at his handsome face, his shoes and clothes, why you had been less interested in finding out his dreams and his aspirations.

Sometimes we are more interested in things we can see than in more important things. Please look away from the shiny package and go for things that are more important. Be wise.


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