No fashion weaponed against me…


Yesterday, I saw a very wonderful and inspirational sight. You want to know what I saw? I was on my way out of a supermarket, mentally dreading stepping out of the A-Ced hall into the bright and harsh sunlight but the sight that greeted me was even more dreadful than the hot sun. She was wearing a pair of bright orange trousers with a purple, blue and lemon green long sleeved shirt and a yellow handbag. Her shoes were lovely though, except that they were red. As I stared at her in stunned disbelief, all I could think about was ‘no fashion weaponed against me!’

Fashion is a wonderful phenomenon. It has been in existence for ages and there is nothing bad about it. Fashion is fun and exciting especially for the young people who love to flow with the trends. A major fact about fashion is that it evolves. New trends arise every now and then and old trends are modified. A trend may only last for a while before another takes its place so every young person wants to be in the know before it fades. What was in vogue three years ago may become a fashion faux pas today (please feel free to use a dictionary, thank you).  I remember those wonderful days of shoulder pads, hipsters, pedal pushers, lycra skirts, etc. Those days are gone. You don’t want to be caught dead in hipsters with slits at the sides now Even good old fashioned plain cut jeans are now for the nerds. Na skinny jeans dey reign now.

Staring at the girl that day, I couldn’t help wondering how many people know the meaning of colour blocking or even the meaning of fashion to start with. Fashion is defined as a prevailing custom or style of dressing, etiquette, socializing, etc. However, I define fashion as a personal expression of art cos believe me, no matter how much a style is in vogue, if you cannot adapt it to your person you will only end up as a joke. With information at your finger tips there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get it right. So please here are three important tips for fashion:

  • If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it
  • If it’s not comfortable, don’t wear it
  • If it can’t be adapted to suit your personality, then please don’t wear it.

Most importantly, fashion is art and not everyone is artistic. It either flows naturally or it can be learned. While it’s nice to wear what is in vogue, you should also try to understand it before you do. For instance if that girl understood the meaning of colour-blocking, then she wouldn’t be caught dead in orange, purple, lemon green, blue yellow and red. Did our mother’s waste their time teaching us what colours go with which or what? Basically colour blocking means when an outfit is composed of finite blocks of colour. That means either you wear three shades of the same colour or different colours that match with a different colour of accessory or colours that are next to each other on a colour pallete (eg green and yellow in matching shades of course). There’s no reason bright orange, purple and red should go together. I mean, is it now colour blocking or ‘colour clashing?’

Talking about fashion and weapons, I’m now beginning to think that some kinds of fashion have turned into weapons of chaos cos I don’t see how you can have a peaceful day dressed in such clashing colours. Fashion is about art so please if it is not artistic, don’t wear it and if you want to be a femmetotale you need to stand out positively.


4 thoughts on “No fashion weaponed against me…

  1. Kollinz D Boss says:

    Remarkable!!!!! Most definitely, elegance is an attitude and trend is for a while but style is for a lifetime. The thing is, many folks don’t have style and that’s why they end up dressing like clowns. My advice to them: Dress like a PROSPECT not SUSPECT!

  2. JMAD says:

    My dear this is one funny piece and at the same time educative. What I see on the road these days just leaves my mouth open in disbelief. T.D Jakes says “if you don’t know the season you’ll be dressed right for the wrong season” but what we have now is wrong season , wrong dressing. It just beats me. May God help us.

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