Why must he marry you?


I know this may sound like some really harsh stuff but at some point someone has got to ask you this question. Much as we like to talk about relationships and marriage, I thought it pertinent to talk about this. Every young woman has relationship issues on her mind every now and then. Everyone is searching for answers. Imagine if there was someone who had a secret key to all your relationship issues. Well, I do… Don’t worry, at the end I’ll give you the secret key…**winks.

So you’ve been in that relationship with Andrew and you’re hoping it will turn to something more than that soon? You are the perfect girlfriend, you do everything you are supposed to do and best of all you don’t nag but somehow you know that for him you are nothing more than just that.

Hear what Andrew has to say and see if you agree.

Andrew had this smirk on his face as he said, ‘why must every girl you date start thinking about marriage almost immediately?‘ Must every relationship end in marriage? Well, just like you, I too don’t have an answer to that or maybe you do, in which case I can say I have an answer to that. The brief background to this gist is that Andrew is a 32 year old guy that works in a Telecoms company. He’s successful at his job, has a nice apartment, drives a real cool car and is also good looking. He’s someone any girl would dream of settling down with. Now there’s the big problem. Naturally, Andrew is cocky and almost arrogant. Why won’t he be? He’s never had to practice what to say to get a girl he likes cos the moment he says hel…, the girl completes the …lo for him.

What do you think is Andrew’s problem? Is he too young to think about settling down, having his own family, his kids, and being responsible for other people? Of course not. Many people are doing it young these days. Afterall an 8 year-old boy just married his grandfather’s friend in Tshwane, South Africa and he seemed pretty happy about it. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4833913/8-year-old-schoolboy-marries-a-61-year-old-mum-of-five.html

I don’t think what Andrew said is surprising. Why must he think of getting married when he can get everything he may need in a wife from three or four girlfriends? Tola is there to do his washing, Amina cooks mouth-watering meals for him, Chi Chi does his ironing while Sasha warms his bed or wait all the other girls do too. Funny thing is that they all know they’re not the only ones but somehow wish he’ll choose either of them.

So why must he marry you? Are you any different from all the other girls? Are you from another planet or are you the most beautiful woman on earth? I saw a movie last year, ‘Think like a man’, and I remember laughing so much in the beginning when I saw the short cartoon part on all a man had to scale through to get a woman. These days, women are so easily available that the men don’t even need to make much effort. Perhaps we ladies would have less relationship issues if we could just go back to the stone age. If we could exist in the time when marriage was still the only way to have a wife. The time when girls were a prize for a man to get after winning a battle, a wrestling match or attaining success. Ooooops… I’m sure no lady would want to be referred to as a prize nowadays since it sounds like she’s a chattel but the point is that a lady had that much value that a man was willing to pass through some rigorous stuff to get her and afterwards treasure her. I know all that existed in the past and things are different now. Yes, they are different but that is why you should be different too. Maybe that will make him marry you otherwise… forget about it. But if you really want him to marry you and you want to find that secret key I told you about then…..lol…… I wish I had a secret key…..I wish anyone had a secret key!

Anyways, keep standing out.


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4 thoughts on “Why must he marry you?

  1. imperfectlyperfect92 says:

    The secret…indeed,only God knows o.
    And just like “think like a man” tells us,if u keep on with a man being his washing machine and all what not wen u know he isn’t ready for marriage,u’ll just be wasting valuable time.
    Value urslf enuf not to give free goods wen the price has not been paid for dem and if u see dat its not going anywhere,better hightail it outta there instead of hoping and even begging the mr man.let us av some self-respect.
    And ofcourse,we gotta stand out frm d rest,he gotta knw dat dis one nor b same wt d others…

  2. Eziaha says:

    My darling
    Very well written jare
    As for the secret key na only our Oga at the top get am ooo
    Love the “…marriage was the only way to get a wife’. These days eh, tz well

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