The L word


What does the word ‘L’ bring to your mind? Please oh, this has nothing to do with that series about a lot of girls doing only God knows what. Just give me a few minutes and you’ll get to know what I’m talking about.

Have you ever stood on the queue at the American embassy in Nigeria in search of a visa? If you have then I’m sure you’ll understand how exciting it is for someone to offer you a visa on a platter of gold. The L-word is that visa. Are you still wondering what I’m babbling about? Imagine how easy it would be to just use the L-word and get a visa without paying a dime or passing through all that stress. Well, many of us have been giving out multiple visas like that. The L-word could mean a thousand things. It could also mean three words used together – lust, lay and leave. It’s like the magic key for some guys. Yea, guys I told you not to get upset with me or you go get your own blog.

They say girls are so much smarter these days than in the past. You remember the time of drawing letters on the sand with your toe while glancing shyly at a guy’s face  and biting your finger nails as he declares that he loves you more than his mother and can go to the moon just for the sake of his love for you. Smart, yes cos at least a girl now knows to ask him how he intends to get to the moon since he may never have even entered an airplane before but the stuff I see these days make me want to scream sometimes and that’s why I saw the need to make this post. How on earth would you still believe that someone who really loves you would give you an ultimatum for *** and even tell u that if u don’t then he’ll leave u for your friend? Girl, rather than crying you should be throwing a party to thank him cos you just dodged a bullet. Who’s to say he won’t still leave you for your friend as soon as you oblige? Do I hear someone saying I’m old school? Lol, it’s better old school than sorry. I mean, I hear some ridiculous things that make me want to go crazy. Why would some one who tells you he loves you insisting on testing first? Ok, here’s the thing, someone I know was living with a girl for some time without being married to her and when queried, he said he wanted to test her first to see if she would be good enough for marriage. So what happens if she fails his so-called test, what next? Besides how long was the test expected to last? Mtcheeeeew… test and leave the leftover for who?

Girl, you need to have more respect for yourself. You need to value you because if you don’t then it will be so easy for you to fall prey to the ‘L word’ and give away your Visa freely. Don’t be afraid to take a walk when you know the direction you’re going will lead nowhere.



3 thoughts on “The L word

  1. Chijioke says:

    Well done sis. Its amazing what we get to hear these days. The one that just cracks me up is the talk of knowing if you two are compatible (insert surprised face) in bed, and I ask who sets the compatibility test? Truth is we dnt knw how deep it is. May God help us all as we take our stand.

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