That thing everyone is saying about you

that thing about you

You know you’re that kind of person and everyone knows that you’re that kind of person and you don’t understand why they just don’t get it. You are you and can never be anyone else. It’s just who you are. Being the most knowledgeable person in your circles, having the best ideas, taking charge of any situation and being the leader, It’s just you. You were born that way. In fact, at birth, you were probably directing the nurses and doctors on how to assist in your arrival, where to place you and how to carry you. Somehow, somehow, you just happen to ‘know it all’. At some point your siblings just stopped bothering to tell u stuff cos you always replied with a curt, ‘I already know.’ Your teachers, some admired the fact that they didn’t have to expend so much energy teaching you cos you always grasped it just as fast, others thought you were too haughty and wished they could just fail you without seeming petty.

Now you’re all grown and whenever you walk into a gathering or join a group and someone pitches an idea, you always have a better idea of how it should be done. You are such a smart person and you believe everyone should acknowledge that. You believe you were made for the front seat, your opinions are consistently sound and you are always right. Then one day you start to notice the faces, the looks, the sneers and snickers. They don’t protest against your ideas. They don’t even reject them, it’s obvious they’re just irritated that you’re always the one giving them. Well, you’re okay with it. Afterall, geniuses must be treated that way all the time. Then one day, it goes beyond the snickers. Someone actually hisses and makes a comment under her breath when you speak and the others laugh. You are so certain it was about you and feel confused. Could it be that you have food stains on your dress from the lunch you just had. A quick check reveals none and you continue speaking. Shortly after that you ask your colleague to pass you a pen and she throws it on the floor instead. Her face is an open show of disgust. It doesn’t end there. You are suddenly left out at meetings. They claim they must have forgotten to send you a memo or that it must have been swept away by the cleaners or that you saw it but pretended you didn’t. You feel like there’s a conspiracy against you and they are ganging up against you. You can’t even complain to your boss cos you’ve made him look like a fool before his superiors by pointing out his error in front of them. The hot hate glances he shoots your way tell you that he’s just waiting for an opportunity to deal with you. Still you can’t help being you. They just have to deal with it.

Really? You can’t help being you? As in you were born that way? Your brain was all matured and formed to know it all? Please, please and please no one was born the way they are. We were all formed bit by bit by our experiences, environment, family and the informations we picked up as we grew. You weren’t born that way. It may be a fact that somehow you had such tendencies but consciously you allowed it to be. While it is okay for you to be a ‘leader type’ and you like to be in charge, you must also learn to read circumstances and pick vibes. It is not okay to keep talking when you know that you are causing trouble with your words. Sometimes you need to keep quiet – Prov 10:19. The words of wise men are heard in the quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools – Eccl 9:17. A wise person is often called upon to speak cos his words are kown to be precious. You can stop being the annoying you and become a better person. Instead of being the one to come up with ideas all the time, you can try to listen to others too and give them the benefit of the doubt that they have something to offer. You may even be able to compare what they are saying with your ideas and come up with something better.


4 thoughts on “That thing everyone is saying about you

  1. lessonsbyheart says:

    It takes a humble heart to “dumb down” so as not to offend, threaten, or hurt others. I find it scary to do this – in my mind, my IQ is the only worthwhile trait I have. Without speaking up so everyone will know how smart I am, I don’t have anything else to offer…or so I thought! Galatians 1:10 helped me out of this mess. I live to please the Lord – and so long as He is pleased (which means listening to others instead of telling everything I know!), I’m good.

    Great thoughts!
    May the Lord make His face shine especially bright on you today.


    • femmetotale says:

      Thanx LBH, I’m also learning to listen to others too. Sometimes we get carried away by thinking that we know best but we must remember that everyone has something to offer too, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. Besides, how else am I going to learn to be a good leader if I feel I know it all. Thanx for your blessings too. I’m feeling so blessed today!

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