Our own worst enemies


Ladies, if someone were to ask you who your worst enemy is (and please I’m not talking about the general enemy here, you know the one that is always accusing us and plotting evil against us) what would your answer be? Don’t think too hard please…or not cos I bet someone reading this has five major enemies at her fingertips to list here and now (by the way, if that person is you then you bera repent *in my meanest voice*). Anyway, I happen to know who our worst enemies are and I mean our worst common enemies.

When they pass us by, we admire their outfits while inwardly coveting those outfits and wishing their zippers would just snap or the dress would suddenly tear and embarrass them. We can’t help loving those gorgeous shoes on them but we also can’t help wishing they’d trip on a stone or miss a step and fall. We pretend they are our friends but we are quick to judge them the moment any issue arises. When they get a promotion, we join our voices to that of the men and say they must have slept with their bosses for that. When they lose their husbands, we’re not ashamed to say that there’s a possibility she may have caused his death and so she must perform all the customary rites of drinking water with which his corpse was bathed or shave her hair off or any other disgusting thing she may be asked to do.

I’m sure by now we all know who this common enemy is…ourselves. I mean ladies we need to not hate people of the same gender so much. While we are busy hating on each other, the men are busy helping each other. You see the man stand by while two girls fight each other for stealing their man, forgetting that the other girl is often not to blame. We talk about equal opportunities for women but…. really? Is it not the same women that refuse to employ other women because they are afraid some other woman will climb up the career ladder and start rubbing shoulders with them? Is it not the same women that are quick to berate another woman for standing up for herself against a man when she dares to speak out in her own defense? Is it not the same women that sit in the church pews looking down their holy noses at a young lady who wore jeans to church forgetting that Jesus accepted Mary as his disciple, with all her sinfulness and inadequacy. Have you ever noticed the reaction when a lady walks into a gathering only to find another lady wearing the same outfit as hers? hmm…

women enmity

We need to start loving each others more or at least become more accepting of fellow women. I’m guilty of this too cos well, I’m human and jealousy seems to run in the female blood naturally although we try to overcome it with the knowledge of who we are in Christ. That lady in the gorgeous shoes is not a threat to you. If you think she’s getting all the male attention then please go and buy yours and if you can’t afford it then maybe this is the time to learn to be content with what you have! It’s important to admire and celebrate other women instead of alienating them with your jealousy. Who knows, that lady might turn out to be your best friend or your sister-in-law tomorrow.



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