Give me a child or I die!

sad woman

I can imagine the surprise on your face as you read this and someone is thinking…’but you’re not married yet, do you want to have a child out of wedlock?’. Just follow this closely and you’ll see how many times you have shouted this too.

There is always that moment in life when you feel that all your efforts are in vain, all your hopes seem dashed and you find yourself extremely discouraged. You try every thing the best way you know, pray harder than everyone else and even top it up with intensive dry fasting yet nothing seems to change. Like Rachael, you may find yourself so frustrated that you scream out and take laws into your own hands – Gen 30: 1-24.

Rachael was the loved one and she was also the barren one. While her sister was conceiving babies at the snap of her fingers she was constantly disappointed by her uninterrupted  flow every month. She had it all going for her. It was Rachael their husband brought the finest things for, it was Rachael whom he spent the most nights with and it was her whom he loved the most. That didn’t stop the tears of disappointment from flowing down her cheeks and soaking her pillows every night. I can just imagine her sobbing silently, on the bed, next to Jacob at night as she pleaded with God to give her a child of her own. I can imagine the way her sister would have taunted her for stealing their husband’s love. She finally decided to do it herself since God had refused to hear her. She gave her maid to Jacob and her maid bore two sons. Rachael must have thought herself very smart to have come up with that idea. She didn’t have to be called barren anymore. She had her own sons now even if she didn’t bear them herself. She may have even said that it was God’s way of answering her prayers or perhaps God needed her help. She never knew that God had a set time for her miracle. She also never knew that she would have her own son one day and that her son’s life would be endangered because of the actions she took.

Have you been where Rachael was before or are you there now? Have you sought for admission into the university so much that you cried out to God with an ultimatum like that? Have you been praying for a husband to the extent that you decided you would go ahead and do whatever it takes to get one since he doesn’t have an answer for you? Have you searched for a job for five years and watched your friends you graduated together with moving ahead in their careers such that you have decided to do anything to get the next job you interview for even if it means sleeping with all the officers involved. Are you like Rachael, longing for ‘a child’ of your own, or answered prayers forgetting that the same God that did all that he did for you in the past will still do it at his own time.

This is not the time to despair. This is the time to faith, to hope and to hold on. Stop trying to help him answer your prayers by making stupid decisions and stop issuing ultimatums. You’re the one that will get hurt in the end. He hears you and he will answer. Only wait patiently.



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