First Impressions


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you meet someone?

It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me countless times, it’s happened to everyone before. For some inexplicable reason I might just find myself disliking someone the very first time we meet. Call it prejudice or whatever but human beings are first attracted to good things. Enlightened minds know how true it is when people say, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. No one needs to tell you to wear a neat suit when attending an interview even if it is the only thing you have or you have to borrow it. Nobody needs to remind you that you must dress in your best outfit on the day you have an appointment with the Governor of your state. In fact, you may even use your last dime to purchase a new suit just for that occasion. Your appearance opens doors for you or at least gets your foot in the door.

I witnessed a hilarious scene where a driver who was dressed in an expensive looking agbada was led to the High table and offered a seat there, with a lot of “Welcome sir,” from well dressed men who were practically bowing to greet him. I also witnessed, on another wedding, a driver who was barred from entering the reception venue by bouncers simply because he was poorly dressed. No plea was sufficient to make the bouncers let him in. Two men in the same calibre, different impressions. You may say that it doesn’t matter, after all it is what you have on the inside that matters but then when and how will you get that opportunity to show what you have on the inside?

Apart from dressing (cos dressing only grants you an opportunity by opening the door for you) it is also important that when you open your mouth to speak, you must maintain the good impression about yourself that your dressing may have projected. If you find that you are poor in presenting yourself to people then it is not too late for you to ask God for wisdom and guidance – James 1:5-6. For instance, when you walk into a place and the door is opened to you, you have only a few minutes to determine if the person is going to listen to you or if your journey will end there. I was much impressed by Joseph in Genesis 41: 14 where Joseph was brought out of prison to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. He had the good sense to first clean himself up, shave his beard and wear clean clothes before appearing before Pharaoh. Now, he not only appeared neatly but exercised wisdom. Someone else might have immediately started talking about the injustice he received at the hands of his brothers and Portiphar’s wife but he was wise enough to first deal with more important things that would gain him a place in Pharaoh’s heart.

I know first impressions are not always accurate but most times people form their opinions about you from the very first impression they get. There are some people who may never speak to you in this life but will refer to you based on that impression they got about you.

If you know nothing else know that as the light of the world, your behaviour, character and attitude speak louder than words. So if you want to be the Femmetotale then make your first impressions count.


One thought on “First Impressions

  1. Ebirim Ernest says:

    Yes, first impression matters much but personally, I dont draw my conclusion based on first impression. Except when otherwise

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