Someone please tell the girls

fairy tale

I love fairy tales and happy endings. I remember staying up countless nights, burning the midnight candle with drops of tears on my cheeks and a smile on my face as I pored over romantic novels as a kid. They were such a wonderful thing to look forward to, a moment to escape from reality and live the life of the princess or heiress or duchess I was reading about. In those books, girls had tiny waists and wide hips with beautiful long hairs and pretty faces and the men were over six ft tall with broad shoulders. The men were either princes or earls or dukes while the ladies were servant girls or commoners or ladies whose fathers squandered their inheritance and had to marry royalty to maintain their status. At first there would be some conflict and the lady would hate the man for being so arrogant and insensitive. Eventually sparks of romance would be kindled between them. The duke or prince would realize that he couldn’t live without that tiny-waisted beauty with long soft hair and tendrils fanning her face. He would marry her in a grand ceremony and they would live happily ever after.

Did I just see tears glistening your eyes? Lol…I’m sure I’m not the only one that always cries at the end of these novels. Well, fiction is a very wonderful thing. I treasure it and I don’t mind being transported into the world of fairy tales for the whole day it will take me to finish one book but I hate the fact that after the book ends and I wipe off the last trace of tears from my eyes I am faced with the reality of life that is nothing like what we see in novels. I have long since been weaned from fairy tale novels (not completely though) but my concern is for the young girls that still view the world from the eyes of their mills and boon novels and the bad influence on them.

Can someone please tell the girls that there is nothing like happily ever after? The impression we get when we read about Cinderella is that after she married the prince she never had any quarrel with him, he never said a mean word to her and they were never apart for two days at a time. Na so…

Someone please tell the girls that these days no man wants to marry a liability? If you still think we’re in your fairy tales where you’ll meet a duke and he’ll marry you and take care of you for the rest of your life then you better have a rethink. Economic situations of these days make it difficult for a family to have a sole provider. Please go find a job or learn a skill and become an entrepreneur.

Someone please tell the girls that all men must not be tall and have broad shoulders. TDH is a word on the lips of many girls but don’t forget that what is more important is the inside and not the outside. Would you prefer a TDH wife beater to a caring and kind man? I thought so too.

Someone please tell the girls that there is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect relationship. In fairy tales the man brings gifts of flowers and diamonds to the lady and they gaze into each others eyes lovingly. Well, you can create your own fairy tale for a while but please don’t expect it to be perfect. Give room for each others faults and don’t expect him to be perfect.

Someone please tell the girls that not every man is Hercules. In fairy tales, the Prince may draw his sword and come to the rescue of a maid in distress but this is not always so in reality. You may expect him to be as strong as Hercules and to be able to defend you when there is crises but don’t be disappointed when he backs down from a fight.

That’s said, you should know how to differentiate between fairy tales and reality. I still love reading me fairy tales any day any time so don’t be surprised when you find me curled up in bed reading one.

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