An Eve to blame

Pensive woman

We’ve all heard the story thousands of times. We’re all familiar with her and one way or the other, she’s been named as the reason for most of our problems today. We blame her for the suicide bombers that are out to spread terror. We blame her for the sporadic shootings that have claimed innocent lives. We blame her for the scantily clad women of easy virtue that line the streets at night. We blame her for our teenagers that are hooked on drugs. Somehow she’s also to blame for the lie you just told.

Afterall, if she hadn’t given Adam the apple to eat there would have been no sin in the world. You wouldn’t have known how to tell a lie and possibly you may not have needed to lie at all. We all would have lived in the garden of Eden, playing with the sharks, the lions and the dragons. There’s always an Eve to blame and in that moment we forget that given the same circumstances she faced we may not have acted any different. How many times have you listened to that subtle voice that tells you to go ahead and lie or cheat or betray someone?

We are quick to say if she had never deceived Adam all would have been well. Man wouldn’t have had to struggle so hard to make a living. In fact, whenever the man is having a hard time at work or there’s no money in his pocket the blame goes to his wife. To him, she’s no longer a gift from God but a heavy burden and perhaps a punishment from God. ‘It was the wife you gave me…’ Since when did God start giving people bad gifts? ‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning’ – James 1:17.’

Must there must always be someone to blame for our actions? When is it ever your fault you fell into temptation (and this is for the men that are always quick to say it was the woman’s fault)? When has the man ever been blamed for adultery. I recently watched a video clip on youtube where a man was seen climbing down from the balcony of a building in only his boxers, after the husband of the woman he had been sleeping with found his shirt. He strung old cloths together to make a rope and tried to let himself down. A crowd soon gathered outside and a fire truck came on the scene. Somehow they helped him down and…that was it! I couldn’t help thinking what would have happened if it were the woman and especially in this society I live in. They would have stoned her to death. This is not to support the man and woman’s actions. It was very wrong but… there’s always an Eve to blame.

I like the way King David was quick to take responsibility for his actions and ask God for forgiveness every time he erred. What I loved most about David was his willingness to take responsibility for his actions. Never did he try to justify himself for what he had done and neither was he too proud to ask for God’s forgiveness. Sometimes I wonder how much easier the world would be if we could all just take responsibility for our actions and be remorseful enough to ask both God and man for forgiveness.

Check out Psalm 51 and you’ll see the heart of a man who knew he had done something terribly wrong. He didn’t have to be perfect to be the man after God’s own heart. We don’t have to be perfect too. All we need is to have a broken and contrite heart. This, he will not despise. God needs people who can say, ‘Yes, Lord I did wrong. It was my fault and no one else’s. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from my sins.’ That wasn’t so hard, was it? Quit looking for an Eve to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life. The responsibility is all yours.


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