Easy Prey

moth to flame

I once observed a moth dancing around a candle light. It zinged past blindly at first and then I wondered if it was blind or just too courageous to consider that it was within an inch of it’s life playing with fire. It wasn’t quite long before the moth flew into the flame and that was the end? I wondered how it could be so dumb, how it could not know that the flames would roast it? In fact, within a short time of that moth falling victim, the next one followed suit. It’s just like that. They’re simply irresistibly drawn to light no matter how dangerous it may be. It’s no fault of theirs. They’re just easy prey.

Is it not odd when human beings that are accredited with much higher intelligence than any other animal act like moths? Like moths drawn to a flame, they fall into their doom foolishly. They fall blindly into pits dug by crooked men. The predators, like angels of light are not always hard to detect. Sometimes they come like wolves in sheep clothing and sometimes they come in their full colours, no mincing of words, no sugar coating, no subtlety.

Still wondering what I’m talking about? So many are falling prey to evil people because they are looking for signs and wonders. ‘Oh, there’s a miracle there’ and everybody rushes to that place. These men are out to deceive God’s people. They come with so many high sounding philosophies and theories designed to confuse people and draw them away from the truth – Colossians 2:8.  The truth of God’s word is simple…’Believe in Jesus and find eternal life’. John 3:16 says that for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but shall have everlasting life. Sometimes, I think it’s the simplicity of God’s word that some people just don’t get. They don’t understand why it should be so simple. All kinds of religion insist that you must do and do and do and perhaps God might consider you. Maybe if Christianity was about sacrificing one’s first son or daughter to get salvation then the whole world would have followed easily.

It’s really astounding how many people have fallen prey to wickedness in the name of religion. I read of a church where members are flogged for coming late to church or because of their sins, churches where members are asked to walk to church on bare feet and even churches where members are made to kneel on the floor throughout the services because of their sinfulness. How can I forget to mention the churches that tell their members to bring animals for sacrifice. I mean, who still falls for this? Have we not heard that Christ was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and that salvation is free? How do you know who is for real these days? Even the boldness with which they spread their falacies is alarming. One thing for sure is that it is easier to fall easy prey to these men when you don’t know your stand. You have to know the word for yourself. Stop depending on someone to tell you what you can read for yourself.  You can find out the truth just by reading the word of God and feel free to ask the Holy Spirit for direction while you do this. If you do not then you may just remain easy prey for evil men.



7 thoughts on “Easy Prey

  1. JMAD says:

    Yea you said it all Its the simplicity of the Word that people can’t comprehend. Ironic isn’t it? Morals! Morals!! Morals!!! Oh dear, there are many people falling prey to this scheming. Before I travel I must receive confirmation from my Man of God/ Prophet, before I sleep I must speak to my MOG. We all need to be careful in these last days. Lets get back to our closet and get intimate with God through His Son Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit. Nice piece. May you continue to be a channel for God to reach out to the world

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