So you’re a divalicious diva…so what?


Talk about being in the spotlight, you’re that charming lady who’s always the centre of attention. Your hair is always perfect, you diction is just right and when you walk by everybody stops in their tracks to watch you. Your grades are impeccable, you always look so chic and even those that say they hate you feel flattered when you stop to talk to them. In one word, you’re a diva and you know it.

You’re that girl everybody wants to be like. You can get away with just about anything. When you tell lurid jokes everybody laughs and when you say that something is not good enough then that’s exactly what it is. People clamour to be friends with you and the select few that are allowed to roll with you are the envy of others. In the school of public opinion, you’re the hottest girl around. Everything about you is just on point. You’re beauty and brains. They say God must have been partial to you. They say you’re beautiful and vain but you shrug and say it’s not your fault God made you that way.

Yes, he did make you that way and then gave you a well sculptured nose for you to look down on people you believe you’re better than. He probably also made you smarter than everyone else, made you the prettiest and on top of that gave you the diva complex you now walk around with because you deserve it.

For you, everything is perfect. You’re living the perfect life or so everyone thinks because when the chips are down and the lights are out you crawl into bed and realize you are all alone. You’re that vulnerable little girl, hoping to have a friend who loves you for you and not for the facade you portray to the world. You know within you that you’re far from perfect and you’re battling with the same insecurities everyone else has. But then, that’s just for the night cos the next morning, you’ll be up again, smiling like an Arabian princess and making people question God for not making them you.

So you’re like the most beautiful girl God created in your generation and you think that’s enough? There’s only one thing that can truly make your beauty last. Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-GOD. Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praises! Prov. 31:30 (MSG). So you want to be a divalicious diva… Be the God-kind of diva?



19 thoughts on “So you’re a divalicious diva…so what?

  1. Christain chic. says:

    Saying I luv this post is an understatement.this is so onpoint,reminds me of me(minus the negatives ofcourse).keep the good wrk up;more grace

  2. princecil says:

    The God kind of diva,what a description!what type of world would we have if all the women turned out to be so.these are women with best figures ,curves,brains,education,complexions,atitude yet living to please God at all times.they’ve got it everywhere u can think of but made God first place in their lives.wat an inspiring piece femmetotale may God enrich ur mind all the more!

  3. E' says:

    I love this Post.
    Take away the negatives and this reminds me of me
    But I am a God kinda FABULOUS Diva…

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