To be a side chic II

Couple walking together

He seemed like an interesting person and Tomi who was enjoying the wisps of his nice perfume was not ashamed to admit to herself that she hoped he would ask her out….


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Tomi stole a glance at him again and caught him watching her. She smiled shyly, revealing her cute dimples.

‘You must not do that again. I’m absolutely crazy about dimples.’ He said. He had a deep well modulated voice and Tomi liked it instantly. She realized that she didn’t even know the name of the man she was walking with.

‘I’m, Tomi,’ she said.

‘Oh, forgive my manners,’ he said, ‘I’m Mak.’

‘Mark…interesting. You don’t look like someone called Mark.’

He laughed, ‘Wait till you hear the full name. It’s not that interesting. It’s actually Makanna but when I got into high School and started becoming a cool guy I had to shorten it to Mak and allow people to assume its Mark. What’s the full meaning of your own name?’

‘You don’t wanna know,’ Tomi was already laughing. ‘I thought my parents were the only ones that gave us ridiculous long names. My full name is Somtomachi. Luckily my parents were smart enough to call me Tomi as a kid and the name stuck since then.’

Tomi felt a bit self conscious when she realized that Mak was gazing at her. ‘Wow, I’ve never heard anyone laugh like you. I like the sound of your laughter.’

Tomi smiled at him, feeling a little flutter in her chest. A number of people had told her that they liked the sound of her laughter but she never took them seriously.

They were approaching the departure gate. ‘So you live in Lagos?’ He asked.

‘No, I’m here to visit my brother and his wife. They just had a baby. I live in Port Harcourt. What about you?’

‘Well, I don’t live in Lagos. I live in Port Harcourt too,’ Mak said. ‘I’m on my way to Germany for training. I’m supposed to meet two of my colleagues from our Lagos office and we’ll leave together tomorrow morning.’

Tomi had to restrain herself from saying ‘wow’ and making a fool of herself. She had noticed earlier that there was something about him that gave one the impression that he wasn’t worried about his next meal…make that his next wheels. Tomi giggled silently at her thoughts.

‘So where do you work?’ She asked him.

‘I’m an engineer. I work with Halliburton.’ Mak said, waving off the cab driver that was pleading with him to join his cab. So what about you, what do you do?’

Tomi tapped her head nervously. She felt a little bit inadequate talking with this young accomplished Halliburton engineer. ‘I just finished my youth service. I studied banking and finance.’

‘Banking…so automatically you’re going to be a banker? Which bank do you want to work with?’

‘I like Gtbank,’ Tomi said.

‘Okay, it’s a nice bank. I have a couple of friends in Gtb.’ Mak said. ‘How do you intend to get to your brother’s place? Do you know your way around?’

‘I have no idea how to get there. I was supposed to call my brother, Obioha once I got to Lagos so he’d come and pick me. I didn’t even tell him I was coming today. I wanted to surprise him,’ Tomi said. ‘Let me call him and tell him I’m in Lagos now,’ Tomi pulled out her phone from her jeans pocket and started dialing her brother’s number.

She was surprised when Mak clamped his palm over hers. ‘I was thinking that since I’m not doing anything till tomorrow morning and your brother doesn’t know you’re in Lagos yet, we could hang out for a while before you go to his place. What do you think?’ Mak asked.

Tomi pretended to be thinking for a while. She was actually thrilled. ‘Sounds interesting,’ she said.

Mak smile widely, ‘How do you feel about firsts?’

To be continued…


Watch out for the concluding part of To be a Side Chic… ‘You don’t rush a delicious meal!’

4 thoughts on “To be a side chic II

  1. E' says:

    Oh how I love fiction.
    I particularly love this story.
    I love Love stories.
    I’m not even thinking of how this will end, I just wish it gets up to part10. Three parts is awfully short…
    Best line: next meals, next wheels…

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