The two legged thing


I absolutely love dresses. Anytime any day, I’m your girl when it comes to buying frocks, you know the LBD, the LPD, the LRD, the LWD and all the other LDs in all kinds of beautiful styles. What’s with the eye rolling? Ask me nicely if you can’t figure it out and without doing too much shakara I’ll just tell you that LD means little dress. Just change the B to black, the P to pink (by the way that’s my favourite), the R to red and the W to white and we’re all good.

I love dressing up and having my mirror assure me that I look good before I step out of the house. Looking good is the first step to feeling good. I would say ‘it’s a girl thing,’ but then you already know that. 😉 Women’s love for dressing up did not start today and neither did it start in the last century. It has always been in existence. People have now adapted dressing up from just being a necessity to a favourite activity and a multi-billion dollar industry. Dressing up is not just about covering your nakedness. It’s now about looking fantastic while you’re at it.

Every year or so new trends arise. Some girls would give a tooth and a half just to keep up with the going trend. You don’t want to walk into an event wearing anything short of what is en vogue. For me, although I’m not particularly willing to give up half a tooth just to look beautiful, I’m all about looking and feeling good. I love dresses and I also love wearing the two legged thing.

About the two legged thing called trousers or pants, I like to ask time and time again, what’s really wrong with it? A while ago, I heard the croaky voice of a MOG over broken speakers shouting to his congregation that God said wearing trousers is a sin. He directed his members to look into the bible and they would see it there. I never heard him mention the particular chapter or verse where it was. I just laughed to myself, feeling sorry for the people listening to him. I’ve trained myself to not just take things hook, line and sinker. I need to see proof and if his proof of that directive from God has anything to do with Deut 22:5 which says that ‘The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God,’ then I’ll have to ask him to please not restrict himself to that verse alone. He should read down to the very end of that chapter and discover some other unbelievable directives in the bible times. Without getting into the debate of what constitutes male clothing and that of women (because I’ve seen Scottish men in skirts) I’ll just highlight some major points in that chapter.

Some of those things were relevant for the people of that time. And that’s just what it is. For instance look at vs 11 that says people should not wear garments made of divers sorts such as wool and linen interwoven. How does that apply to present circumstances? Do you even know the materials the dress you’re wearing right now are made of? What about vs 22 that says adulterers should be stoned to death? Did Jesus not challenge the accusers that he that has no sin should be the first to cast a stone? How about vs: 28 & 29  that forces a girl that was raped to marry her rapist? Who would to marry a rapist just because of a law? Haven’t the laws of most countries evolved to enforce jail term for rapists?

We need to stop making light of the effect of the cross and realize that Jesus fulfilled the law with his death on the cross. I don’t know about you but since I know I cannot stop myself from wearing a dress made from wool and linen, I might as well wear the two-legged thing I love so much. What do you think?


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