Burning the bridge


In those good old days as kids, when we sang the nursery rhymes about London bridge falling down we’d just sing it merrily, jumping gaily and dancing to the tunes. I never stopped for once to wonder how the London bridge came falling down, who made it to fall and why. I would have liked to ask the songwriter what made him to write about the fall of the great London bridge. Was it just for the melody or was there some threat of the bridge falling down.

Thinking about the numerous great bridges that have fallen down in my life I just wonder what I could have done to prevent them from falling. Should I have fortified the materials I used in building the bridge with the hardest substance I could find? Should I have paid more attention to the maintenance of the bridges? Could I have noticed the cracks in its structure that widened more and more each time I failed to seal them?

We build bridges for a reason. We build them to act as linkages between places or people. In the same way we sometimes also burn down our bridges ourselves. Every relationship is a bridge. It must be built and maintained carefully. Every word spoken, every smile, every kind gesture and every gratitude showed is one more concrete added to the structure of the bridge. The very same things that help to strengthen the bridge, when lost can help to bring down the bridge. Before you think about severing the relationship you have with someone today just because of something negative you heard about that person, take a minute to think about the good times and downplay the bad times. Before you break those ties in anger could you first think about how much you stand to lose when she’s no longer there. Is your anger worth it? What about the people in our lives who we show little or no appreciation to? Sooner than later she may be the one whose help you need to achieve something. You’ll find that it would have been much easier if you had maintained the bridge all along.

Are you keeping the relationships you have today? Have you showed a little gratitude to the people that matter in your life? Is there one call you need to make today; one letter you need to write, one wrong you must make right or one appreciation you must show? Some good gifts of today have been lost on account of ingratitude. You might have to retrace your step today and keep that bridge alive.

Ooooops! I think there’s one call I need to make right away!



3 thoughts on “Burning the bridge

  1. princecil says:

    Wow very touching and instructive if only these words can find their way into the hearts of all men then certain invaluable relationships would hv bn saved.sometimes we.need to hold our brakes wen we flare up wit our drearest cos their where times they were dia for us.my gratitute to u femmetotale for this beautiful piece .thank u

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