To be a Side Chic (Finale)

Couple walking together

Have you been following Tomi’s story on To be a Side Chic? If so, then this is the final part you have been waiting for. Please follow this link to read the end of the story You can also click the image of the book cover on the side bar to download the ebook. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “To be a Side Chic (Finale)

  1. E' says:

    Love the ending.
    Beautiful… the answer to Tomi is KEEP IT MOVING Darling…
    A married man is NOT available… whether sadly or happily married.
    a widower however is acceptable. Do you wanna kill his wifey?
    Good one my darling…
    When is the next starting?
    And btw, i love the e-book concept. Coolish!!!
    If only i can write fiction… hehehe

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