Extra-ordinary Avatar

extra-ordinary avatars

I recently saw this advert that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even remember my name. I can’t remember the product that was being advertised. All I remember is that the man in the advert had an online profile of himself looking super-cute and on the other side of the screen was his super-plump, completely unattractive personality. The man’s online profile could have anybody drooling and longing to be like him but in real life he was nothing like that.

Since you’re probably wondering what an avatar is (and please don’t assume that you know what it means simply because you’ve watched the movie, Avatar and no this post is not about an imaginary world where people get to live as incredible semi-cartoon, semi-spirit beings…lol), I decided to give you a little explanation of what an avatar is. It is simply a graphical representation of a person in 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional forms as in a game, internet forum or other online applications.

We are all guilty of it. Check anybody’s profile on social media and you’ll probably see a picture of her in her latest designer dress, spotting a red pout on her lips and looking like a million dollars. Don’t worry about the fact that she doesn’t have a job or any particular means of income. On facebook, she has a perfect life; on twitter she only tweets about how wonderful everything is, she posts her most attractive pictures on instagram and if you follow her on tumblr she’s the hottest model in town. Who’s to blame anybody for that, anyway? Nobody wants to be the one carrying last online ;).

So online we’re all mostly super-cool and super-hot at the same time. Then it struck me how most of us have extra-ordinary avatars of ourselves not just online but in the real world.

In life, there are three major pictures of ourselves. There’s a picture of how we view ourselves, there’s a picture of how we want people to see us and then there’s a picture of how people actually see us. For the first two, there’s a great chance of succeeding because depending on how you see yourself you can project a picture of how you want others to see you. For instance, if you want to appear more sophisticated than you really are then you can invest in clothes and accessories that make you appear very sophisticated. Add a little bit of British accent you picked up from listening to BBC world news consistently for one month and there you are…a glam queen.

However, how people actually see you is a bit more tricky. Some people get so close to you that they see beyond the layers of perfection which you have carefully used to conceal your true self. As a matter of fact, sometimes we don’t even see the real image of ourselves. I believe that everybody has an extraordinary avatar in her. Sometimes we are too busy second-guessing ourselves to reach inside and find that super cool person inside. There’s a kind of friend that can see that hidden person within you who can take centre-stage and achieve her dreams. It takes a friend like Jonathan was to David, who sticks closer than a brother sister to see the real you within you and help you build your extra-ordinary avatar. I have been blessed with people who see the extra-ordinary avatar in me and I am thankful to God for that. If you haven’t found that friend that sees and helps you do extra-ordinary things then here’s what you should do…be that kind of friend to someone else today and I assure you that soon that kind of friend will come your way!

Keep being the femmetotale and don’t forget to stand out this October. Be a friend that sticks closer than a brother sister and share this post by clicking the facebook or twitter buttons 🙂 Don’t forget to drop your comments and like Femmetotale on facebook to receive daily updates on your facebook timeline. Just click the like box!


10 thoughts on “Extra-ordinary Avatar

  1. praisegeorge says:

    Months ago I opted out of Facebook. The reason was simple. I discovered that the people I met in real life did not reflect the ‘comments and likes’ which they projected on Facebook. I also discovered that people are skilled at being ‘keyboard warriors’. They can say absolutely anything they like on social media but do not actually believe or live those things. I want to make fiends with real people, sit down and share a cup of coffee with real people, get involved in the lives of real people. I am done with lies, liars and ‘farcebook.’

    • Femmetotale says:

      Lol @ ‘skilled keyboard warriors’. I think that’s an apt description. It appears that real people don’t exist on facebook but we need you back on face book though! You’re as real as it gets! And I like to make friends with real people too!

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks 1-The One! It’s really a beautiful thing to have friends that know you ‘inside inside and still not only remain friends with you but also try to bring out the best in you.

  2. ugwuji says:

    Meeeen! I thought I knew what avatar meant. Acada! Lol. Yes I agree wt your conclusion. As d bible says “He that has friends must show himself friendly”. Yeah u can google it.

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks, Ugwuji! *feeling like a super-cool acada*…BTW where’s the link to your blog? And thanks for pointing out that other verse in the bible…A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother – Prov 18:24…muah!

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