Me, myself and one

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English is a very wonderful language. I mean, I’m not a language expert but I know that it is one of the few languages that have different words that refer to the same thing. Take for instance the words; me, myself and I. All three words refer to ONE person. It’s a very powerful expression that emphasizes our basic human nature of self preservation.

Check the content of your thoughts every day. How much of your thoughts center on you (this is of course minus the significant other person that consumes a portion of your thoughts ;))? You think about the next beautiful thing you want to buy, the next degree you wish to acquire, the next vacation you want to take or the next look you want to change into for an event. Okay, let’s take a step further into the me-pool and talk about the other kind of ‘me-centered’ thoughts that consume our thought processes. Before you sleep at night what are the contents of your thoughts? The prayers you made that have not yet been fulfilled; the fact that you haven’t bought the car you so desire and you fear that it may soon stop trending, the job you are yet to get, your account balance, your would-be spouse, your bossy boss, etc.

So how long are you going to stay in that me-pool? You want to know what a me-pool is? If you’re depressed, worried about your life, anxious about something, complaining, or angry with God then you’re in a me-pool.

I was swimming in my own me-pool yesterday and I was so lost in thought that I didn’t notice the woman touching my shoulders gently. The frown on my face could have put her off but she was saying something and pointing at her mouth. I softened the look on my face and asked her to repeat herself. That was when I saw her amputated left arm. She didn’t seem like a beggar to me. I wanted to help her but for some reason I didn’t want to hear her say thank you to me. I gave her the money I had and walked away quickly. I felt different after doing that. You know, the way you feel when you step out of a pool. It dawned on me that sometimes the best way to separate the me, myself and I thoughts in your mind is to add another factor into the equation. Add ONE more person.

Do you know that sometimes your level of anxiety over your personal needs determines how selfish and self-centered you are. If you could spend half of the time you spend praying about your needs to pray for someone else’s needs you’ll be more blessed. Remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

While you’re swimming in your me-pool have you ever taken a moment to take note of that quadriplegic man by the pool side waiting for an opportunity to dip in the pool. He’s been so consumed with the pain and inability to do what other people can do easily. ‘Everybody has their own cross to bear,’ you say. Yes, they’ve all got their own crosses to bear but can you just be grateful for one minute that you didn’t have to bear theirs? The key to true fellowship with God is selflessness. He said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.” Mark 8:34b. Get involved in something bigger than yourself today. Meet a need, add one more person to your me-list.

So as you plan your fun for the weekend, remember to add one more person into the equation and let your thoughts be centered on me, myself, and one.



21 thoughts on “Me, myself and one

  1. Enyi Azubuine says:

    Nice write up,I believe. One thing that strikes me most is the well-considered admonition that: the key to true fellowship with God is selflessness. I think, this sums up the whole essence of christianity. It appears to lay credence to the centrality of love in christiandom

  2. Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    *deep sigh*…The many expressions of self fixation…God help us!…
    This is one insightful post laden with strong reminders to truly and only live as we ought-selflessly!….because,the very BEING in whose image we were created is one mighty fine example of Selflessness….How further can we go to define the epitome of an ‘us pool’ nature?…I mean,He coulda chosen to just bask in His awesomeness in heaven,enjoying the dividends of His natural creation forever, ehn,with all the wahala we give, He chose to make us in His image and when we fell,reconcile us to Himself by way of His unconditional love sacrifice of His son….okay,i’m babbling already…lol..but that just blew my ,mind.

    Thank you for sharing this important piece of wisdom….
    May our lives be Resplendently balanced(me+myself+one)!

    P.s; Apparently we both share a love for the dynamics of the English Language..*thumbs up*

  3. princecil says:

    another caption for this article is selfishness which smtyms cld be excused dependn on the type of issues one cld be battling wit.u see one needs to be whole b4 he can help broken fellow. now d bible says dat we shd think abt ourself bt not more highly than others in otherwords we shd not get into ourselves to the extent dat we lose sight of assistn others atleast in arears we hv subdued or capable.i believe we shd be objective wen dealn wit personal issues and those of other pple…well this is anoda sensitive subject tnk u femmetotale for agitatn our minds. i hv promoted this article on fbk i hp d world will begin to apply me,myself and one.cheers

  4. praisegeorge says:

    When you find yourself caught up in a whirlpool of self absorption, bothering on narcissism, you may sink so deep that you begin to think that you are the only one with issues on the planet and the universe revolves around you and your challenges. Please, don’t flatter yourself.
    Such self absorption always leads to emotional pain or something worse. The cure for such self imposed emotional pain is to step out of your narcissistic prison and help someone else.

  5. imperfectlyperfect92 says:

    Making room for one is letting Jesus use u in a friend to d broken hearted or as a help to one in need,its all Jesus working thru u.and we shud let ourslvs be vessels to reach one more.
    Nice one femmetotale.

  6. JMAD says:

    Hmmmm. It’s amazing how the words form dotted line to form a big circle. Was just telling someone how we can always continue to help people especially when we start to think of ourselves and our insufficiencies. A devotion I read today gave me a different insight into Give and it’ll be given back, …….. the measure you give is what will be dealt back to you. This was told not in the regular way we’ve been told regarding finances and offerings rather what do you desire to see in yourself do it for some other person. Do you deserve friendship be a friend to someone, get a higher degree, look for someone to bless (it’ll shock you to know you can afford someone’s thousands of school fees as compared to your millions to get a higher degree) and the list goes on. We really need to step out of our “me-pool” and reach out like Steven Green said in his song “People need the Lord, at the end of broken dream, He’s the open door”. They can only see God through our selfless deeds to them, even when you’re hurting or lost in thoughts of that car we can just pause, delay our desires and meet someone who’s going through a storm in life. God bless you for this reminder.

    • Femmetotale says:

      Wow, JMAD! You’ve almost done a whole post on this too…lol and you’ve given a whole new insight. So many people emphasize the ‘give and you will receive’ text in the bible in terms of money forgetting that it applies to almost every other activity on earth.

  7. drnsmusings says:

    I’m out of d me-pool. When I opened up to let others into my life, I realized I am so blessed with gifts people need. My worries diminished till they disappeared. Everyday is like a wrapped gift I can’t wait to discover

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