Turn off the noise


I love waking up to the sound of morning birds chirping merrily, doves cooing loudly and cocks crowing to announce the new dawn. Stretching in my bed to the beautiful sounds of nature and breathing in the soft clear morning breeze helps me to start my day feeling very relaxed. Sounds like fiction right?

Okay, okay, I get it…you and I know I’m just dreaming and fantasizing because the only sound I’m waking up to in this city is the sound of my phone’s alarm clock trying to simulate something that can pass for birds chirping in the morning. You know, when you live in a big city like Lagos, somehow hearing me talk about those morning sounds just seems like something drawn out of Dorothy’s life in ‘the wizard of Oz’.

Talking about noise and cities, what sounds did you hear this morning when you woke up? A typical life of any upwardly mobile person living in the city would involve the loud blaring noise of drivers rushing out to beat traffic even while your eyes are still shut. It’s like the whole universe is being aligned by noise and the hustle and bustle of activity. From the time you wake up till you shut your eyes to sleepUntitled at night it is as if there’s some sort of competition on what noise will take first place in your life. Needless to say, my phone will most likely win that competition. In fact, I think phones should be included in the list of addictions. You know, alongside hard drugs, alcohol and nicotine (nicotine is a hard drug, right?). Ask any girl you know and she’ll tell you that a typical day of her life involves her phone. What am I even saying, the phone is now like an indispensable part of life. We practically live in our phones. I was talking with my brother recently and I was like, ‘what if you could check the mileage of your phone just like your car?’ He said, ‘of course you can.’ That led me to the shocker of my day. Mine was 11:22:45:10. Guess what that means! It means that between last year when I got the phone and today I have spent 11 days of my life on the phone. You should totally check yours. Depending on your phone setting, just check the total calls on your phone and please share with us on your comments. I wonder how many days of my life I’ve spent watching tv.

I’m sure you can count how many times you’ve observed stillness and silence in your life. It’s like we human beings have completely eliminated the possibility of silence in our lives. We have designed so many things that sustain the chatter day in, day out. It’s either your phone, radio, ipod, your tablet, PC or TV. Where is the place of silence in your life? It was when I found myself willing to answer calls or check messages on my phone while praying in the morning that I realised how serious it was.

Sometimes we need to turn off the noise in order that we may hear. If you’re seeking for direction in life then you must remember that He said, ‘And you shall hear a voice behind thy ear saying, ‘this is the way, walk ye in it’ Isaiah 30:21. How can you hear his voice when your world is filled with chatter? W e have to  find time to pause from all the noise in our lives. Sometimes we need to find a place of stillness that we may communicate with him. The psalmist recognized the importance of quiet and said, ‘He leads me beside the still waters and restores my soul. Sometimes, we need to turn off the noise but not completely though :D. You could just turn it down a bit. How else would you get to read femmetotale if you turned off all your devices?

Have a pleasant weekend!


4 thoughts on “Turn off the noise

  1. esewalter says:

    It’s always interesting to realize how the things people experience are fundamentally the same. I know I had a blackberry addiction when I started my dissertation and couldn’t sit still to write without spying my phone’s red light all across the room where it was placed to enable concentration.
    Developing awareness is a practice that pays off and can be learnt. 10 minutes daily, maybe even 5 minutes daily is enough for starters. Creating time to just hear yourself think over a long period of time can develop a strong resilience in anyone.
    Thanks for sharing this. Very good reminder on a Monday morning.

  2. imperfectlyperfect92 says:

    I don’t make calls but I ping and read articles on blogs and news a lot.
    And when my red light blinks,its a struggle not to pick the phone up even if am praying.
    Thanks for this.
    Will take steps to tune it down

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