We don’t fear their fears


In the world of media, there’s a popular phrase that says, ‘there’s no news like bad news!’ The easiest way to get people to read newspapers or watch news channels is to circulate bad news. You know how they say, ‘Dog bites man is not news but when a man bites a dog, then that’s news’.  Have you ever wondered why the bad gossips about you seem to spread faster than good news about you? It’s like good news travels at the speed of sound while bad news travels at the speed of light. So human beings generally prefer to hear bad news than good news.

It doesn’t make sense! Why would people prefer bad news over good? The world trades in fear. Because of the evil in the world it makes perfect sense for people to expect bad things to happen over good. People expect to hear that Wall Street has crashed or that there’s economic recession, or there’s an impending war or suicide bombers have invaded the country. Good news just doesn’t sell except it’s sequel to a bad news.

Have you also noticed how hearing bad news affects your thinking, your behaviour and your habits? Just because the news say that there’s 80% failure rate in JAMB, you immediately assume that you must have failed. When you hear about the rate of unemployment (and I really wonder how they get those figures sometimes) you immediately start panicking. Your first assumption as a fresh graduate is that you may never get a job. Everybody says that husbands are scarce and all men cheat. You believe it and you’re now declaring it everyday like a mantra. They talk about the spread of cholera or some other disease and you immediately think you must have caught the disease. When you hear the news about the number of deaths from accidents and plane crashes, you immediately believe that your life may end any day soon. In simple words, what you hear is what you live. Information is very powerful. Media moguls and news makers have discovered this fact and they are making millions from it – ask Newspaper companies.

The politics of fear is part of everyday life. It’s like the devil steeps everything in fear. It squelches and gives no room for faith. Faith is the direct opposite of fear. Fear is an anticipation of something bad happening. It is the absence of faith. Faith on the other hand is the evidence of things not seen; the assurance of things hoped for. Both fear and faith are invisible and exist only in the mind but fear is almost tangible. It is often easier to feel fear than to accept faith.

Well, that’s for the people who don’t have hope in the one who actually has control over our lives. As Christians, we have different codes. We don’t fear the fears of people in the world. You should know that your life is not determined by the things happening in the world. The set of rules and principles we live by are different. For instance, the word of God says that when there’s a casting down, we shall say that there’s a lifting up! Isaac sowed in a land where there was famine and he reaped a 100 fold that year. If you’re worried about being affected by a pandemic then you must remember that He said, ‘He will not let you suffer from the terrible diseases you knew in Egypt but will inflict them on all your enemies.’ Deut 7:15. Are you worried about the employment rate? Then you must remember that He will give you the power to make wealth; the kind of wealth that doesn’t require you to work for anybody. Remember that He said, ‘No good thing will he withhold from them that love him’. Finally (and this is the most common one this period of the year), there’s the fear of -ember months. I wonder who even coined that word. There’s one kind of fear frenzy that starts towards the end of every year. I don’t know why people believe that there’s any difference between April and November? Is it not the same God that has kept you and shall He not finish what He started? The fear of the wicked will come upon him but the desire of the righteous shall be granted.

As we approach the end of the year, count your blessings and remember that we don’t fear their fears.

Be blessed…


19 thoughts on “We don’t fear their fears

  1. princecil says:

    This is gospel according to femmetotale.God bless u for strenghtening us and I wld like to reharsh the words of the master himself in the book of john 16:33…in the world ye shall have tribulation:but be of good cheer:I have overcome the world.

  2. Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    Because I have an history of posting long comments that can double as posts sef, i’ll just say this,
    Trés profound!…


    I tried really hard this time…don’t you think?lol…


  3. imperfectlyperfect92 says:

    The discussion I had last nyt wt some1 centered on this.I was jittery even though I stood on God’s word bt the world screaming other things almost mk us fall sometimes and belive wat they believe.
    Thanks for dis.was really needed.
    I do not fear their fears!

  4. E' says:

    Ah my Love. My Blog sister. I have a Post titled ……… that I have been writing in my head. This Post has pushed me to out pen to paper and most likely, it should drop this week. We can’t afford to fear their fears. We Overdose on the Word and we stay and remain BLESSED despite.
    I purposely left out my post title. It is quite catchy and I dont want another Blogger to steal it lol. But I will be sure to mention this Post. You know how I roll…
    Muah Girl…

    • Femmetotale says:

      For real, we can’t afford to fear their own fears. What then will differentiate us naa? Lol @ ur next post titled…. Please do and drop it when it is hot. Meanwhile, we really need to do something about writing posts in the head. I have millions of them there too…just waiting for someone to design a machine that will pick it up from my brain and write for me.

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