Age is not a number

Teenage girl touching chest, portraitI really wonder what would be the outcome if we were to take a poll to find out how many people would love to relive their childhood days. It’s like when you were a child you couldn’t wait to become a grown up so you could do whatever you wanted. The funny thing is that as a grown up, much as you’d like to romanticize your childhood and remember only the awesome experiences you had as a kid, that’s all there is to it. You’d never want to go back to that stage of your life. You know, as a kid, you would have a thousand and one people telling you what to do or what not to do. Nobody trusts that you can take a good decision for yourself. That stage is so over for me. I don’t want to go back there.

So now you’re more like an adult or semi-adult. You’re done with schooling and you expect everybody to know that you’re now independent (never mind that you still live under your parents’ roof) but somehow, your experiences now are not so different from that of your childhood. Every time you try to give your opinion, you are reminded that you’re just a child…’What do you know?’ Let’s take it down to your work place. So you’re on the lowest rung of the ladder cos you just got employed (and of course there’s that age factor) and you have good ideas you think will move the company/firm forward but…no one is calling on you for your opinion. As a matter of fact, it is still considered a taboo for a youngster like you to speak in the presence of your seniors…how dare you? You have to wait until the hairs on your head have turned snow white like theirs and if dementia hasn’t set in then maybe you may be allowed to speak.

There’s a popular Igbo proverb which when translated says, “If a child washes his hands properly, he will be allowed to eat with the elders.” That’s just the literal translation but in actual sense it means that when a child exhibits maturity, the elders will respect his inputs.

So, are you that smart kid around the block? Do you want to be that young person whose elders keep quiet when she speaks? I know one smart kid that humbled his elders once. He was only twelve but he sat among religious leaders and scholars who were not only decades ahead of him in age but also had years dedicated to studying the Torah. They were professors in their fields and had distinguished themselves in the skill of interpreting the law. They were amazed when this child began to express his views and challenge them on serious issues. They could not shut him up or ignore him. They were just spellbound by the wisdom in his words. He had washed his hands clean and they couldn’t deny him the privilege of eating with his elders.

Sometimes, you could limit yourself from reaching your potential for fear that your age may be an issue. Let no man despise your youth. If you have God’s wisdom within you, then it doesn’t matter what your age is, let your wise words be heard. People will flock to you for counsel. People tend to count age by the number of years spent on earth but we know that age is not a number…age is wisdom. Seek after wisdom and your years will cease to be a factor.

Stand out from the crowd and be the femmetotale.


NB: Just a thought, I really wonder how many people would like to relive their childhoods. Let’s take a poll. All it takes is a click. Check out the poll on the side bar.

One thought on “Age is not a number

  1. princecil says:

    Well this is more proverbial cos literary age is by number of years attained in d distinction must be drawn between. Divine wisdom and experiencial wisdom while d former hz nt to do wit age the latter hz got a lot to do with age. Also there is d wisdom of d world.which is influenced by the I commend the writer for stressn on divine or God give wisdom which come through the word of God.proverb writtten by solomon clear say that wisdom is God’s word

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