This Little Rudder in Me II

Cropped image of woman clenching teeth

Here’s some more inspiration for the contemporary Christian young woman. Did you read my earlier post about my short adventure and how I discovered the little rudder in me? You want to know what became of me, my guide and our little boat? If you missed the first part then you can click here to read it.

Okay, so this large vessel was looming overhead and I was shaking like a leaf, wondering what I was thinking when I decided to go on that adventure. I clutched my seat tight and the boat driver laughed. He said I needed to see the way I was holding onto that seat. The large vessel was looming closer and those two were laughing, telling me not to worry, I just had to relax. That was when my prayers were answered and another boat came by. They gave us some gas and continued on their way.

In a short while, the boat’s engine revved again and we moved away from the path of the large vessel. It was so fast that it still caught up with us. Its waves rocked our boat back and forth, almost pushing us off from our course. My heart was beating so wildly, I thought that any stethoscope placed on it would surely explode. Tears stung my eyes but I was determined to act courageous. I must say, our boat fought valiantly…at least it didn’t capsize while the ship was moving so fast. Just then I noticed that the ship was turned slightly away from us. I saw something like a big, flat blade at the stern of the ship, immersed in the water, which seemed to direct the flow of water away and reposition the ship to face a different direction.

The scary moments passed soon enough. It had only lasted about one minute yet it had seemed like a whole lifetime to me. The water was calm again and it was almost as if nothing had happened. The guide giggled as he recalled how I had gripped the edge of the boat as though my life depended on it.  It was only when everything was calm that I had time to admire the magnificent, impressive looking ship. I wondered how something that big could move at such speed, what kind of engine it used and what powered it.  The guide was quick to explain. I suspect he didn’t know much but he considered himself very knowledgeable. He pointed out different parts of the ship, explaining in simple language what they were for. We couldn’t see passengers or crew men on board.  It just looked like a moving house. The guide told me that in that big house moving on the water was a captain controlling its movement. He told me about the rudder, a unique component of the ship that helped move it away from us.

rudderWhat he said made me think about the verse I read that morning in James 3:2-9. The tongue is perhaps one of the most ignored parts of the body. It performs multiple functions and we often don’t realize its importance until it brings results, good or bad. It’s amazing that both blessings and curses can emanate from the same tongue.  Talk about gossips, negative speeches, faithlessness, lies, malice, deceit and corrupt speeches. Many gossips that lead to malice and enmity could be avoided if you could just control the tongue. While you’re calling negativity into existence in your life don’t forget that it takes just about the same effort to declare positive things to yourself. Instead of saying that you may never get a job because you don’t have connections, try saying that you know the one who has the hearts of kings in his hands. Instead of saying that you may never make it in life, try saying that you are a success.

Many wildfires have resulted from the tongue and many erudder 2nraged hearts have been calmed by the tongue. The same tongue produces both bitter and sweet waters. Every disciplined person must master the control of his tongue. To succeed in your faith and in all in life activities, the tongue must be made to speak not just the things that are evident but to call forth the things that are not yet in existence.

If a vessel that large could be controlled by something as small as a rudder, how much more human beings like us? You see, we all have that little rudder in us.  These verses caution us to control the tongue pretty much the same way a rider puts a bridle on his horse. If we can control our tongues we would be controlled in every other way. So you want to be the femmetotale, put a bridle on your tongue and put your rudder to action.


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6 thoughts on “This Little Rudder in Me II

  1. Femmetotale says:

    Thanks Inthemidstofher
    Really, it’s both friend and foe!
    We speak things we wish we could take back sometimes but then once it’s out of the mouth then it’s gone. Have a great week!

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks for dropping ur thots, Tomiwa. It is esaier to speak the things we see but a lot more difficult to speak the things we can’t see into existence. That’s where our faith is put to test. Have a great weekend!

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