How to get the girl of your dreams II

I started a post yesterday on how to get the girl of your dreams. If you missed it then here’s your chance to get the background to this continuation. You can click here to read it. I’ve got my go-ahead so now I can start *rubbin my hands in glee*. Remember that this post is not about giving you secret tips on how to get any girl you desire. It’s about getting the girl you deserve so before you take the first step, carefully analyze yourself to see if she is someone you deserve and save yourself the stress. I’m not going to tell you who you deserve. It is entirely your place to decide. So if you decide that she’s a girl you deserve then these few tips should enable you to make the right move. Enjoy!


So, you’ve seen that girl of your dreams and you don’t want to miss the chance to get her to say yes to you. Here are a few simple tips on how to get the girl you want. Ladies, do I have your permission to reveal some of our secrets? Okay, so I’ll just dish out a few of them and if my girls let me then I’ll dish out more.

Getting a girl is very much like going for a job interview. You know when you are called for an interview in a company where you know that once you get that job you are made for life, you try to put in your best to get it. If that girl you want is really important to you then you have to make the best effort

#1. Prepare yourself well: Nobody goes for an interview unprepared, looking like something a cat dragged out of a bottle (not unless your father is the owner of the company and the interview is just a formality or you’re Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness and you’re so intelligent that they won’t mind how you look). You must remember that women respond not only to how you look but also to how they perceive you (I’m not really referring to smell). There has to be an aura around you that can tell them who you are before you say a word. A girl always knows which man to give two seconds of her time, I mean enough time to say “please I’m in a hurry” and who to pay attention to. You mustn’t drive a hot car before you can get a girl you like. You just have to be able to package yourself very well. So how do you prepare yourself? That means that you should always dress well and smell nice. Develop yourself as much as you can by reading books and following world events. Many girls these days are not just educated but intelligent. Remember that to get a girl interested in you, you must show her that there is something in you that she needs.

#2. First impressions matter: They say that first impressions matter and you may never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This means that you have to utilize the best chance you have. You may meet the girl of your dreams walking along the road and choose to take your chance. You may, on the other hand, observe her for a while and take your time. Whichever option you have, you must remember that you have to put your best foot forward at the right time. The best way to make a good first impression is to use a great punch line! If you have been on an interview panel before then you’ll know that the candidate you never forget is the one that started his answer with a good punch line.  For instance, you could walk up to her, smile and say, “Here you are. We’ve been searching for you!” She’s bound to say, “Excuse me?” or “Sorry?” At which time you now say, “I heard there’s an Angel missing in heaven and we’ve been searching for you everywhere.” Okay, that was just for fun 😀 but that has definitely got to make her smile except if she’s just a difficult person or she’s in a sour mood. Even if her response is not what you expected, don’t worry, that’s your chance to tell her your name. Find something to compliment about her. It may be her hair, her smile or her dressing. Girls go to a great length to dress up and would really like to know that someone appreciates their effort. You can find out her name and if she’s a student or she’s working. Say something witty that will make her remember your name. Remember that you should be smiling. Girls, like babies respond to sincere smiles and it will keep her at ease. Don’t linger, ask her for her number and tell her you will call her later because there’s somewhere you really need to be. That will get her curious about you.

Also, don’t forget that getting a girl you like is pretty much the same as making friends. You have to master the art of making friends by learning to make good conversations. You need to be able to strike up conversations confidently and make sure you say something positive. People tend to remember the negative things faster.

Bear in mind that most girls play hard to get so don’t always expect to get a very positive response. However, if you’re really interested in getting it right then you should make a good effort.

Look out for this column on Femmetotale for more tips on how to get the girl of your dreams.

Stay blessed.


12 thoughts on “How to get the girl of your dreams II

  1. drnsmusings says:

    Hmm. Where do we begin? Like u rightly said, this is for the girl of your dreams. The average girl does not need polish but if u want a virtuous lady, u’ll have to get ur act together. Flashing rather than calling is a nono. Pls borrow money and send a text. I rem a guy I had met flashing me 3 days later when I was single. Lol. That was the end. Another one kept telling people who my mother was. Maybe he thot I’ld be flattered, I felt he was after her money. And many more blunders I care not to enumerate.

    • Femmetotale says:

      Right on point! To get a virtuous lady, a guy needs to get his act in order.
      As for that flashing thing, I can’t believe guys still do that!
      Someone actually took my number and called me at midnight….as in ‘free midnight call!!!” My sis biko, who does that???
      Guys, if you’re reading this then please u should know that flashing and midnight call are big ‘no no’s”. Please borrow money and send text!
      Then there are those that tell you, “baby can you call me back please.” (Is he kidding or what?)
      More blunders please…..

  2. tenderonii says:

    In fact that Angel part made me smile and giggle, was as if it was me the man was talking to, lol…Any way, just like you sed, guys,femmetotale is giving tips on how to get her attention in the first place and keeping her for the most time and just like Sir Praise George said,..”Success is WHO you are, not what you do or what you have”.
    So,..we definitely need to work on ourselves.
    I know the ladies will agree with me when I say that, we really are never satisfied, we are just like our father God,..we want the best for you and from you, so if a woman really loves you and is serious about the relationship, she would remember that you would someday be the father of her kids and not just her husband. Of course you don’t expect her to give you the honors of being father to her kids when there’s nothing you’ve invested in yourself, let alone pour or rub it off on the kids. Every woman will need a guy that’s sweet with words and also with action.
    Like Femme said, we only get who we deserve and I don’t mean it doesn’t happen otherwise but, if you want a good woman and a good marriage, a God marriage. Then it’s safe to be the man that God wants you to be first before trying to get that good woman.

    Thank you again ma’am I really enjoyed it. God saved you that the suspense was really worth it, if not I would have sued you and the blog….lol. God bless,..I’m sure the guys would be expecting more tips after this.

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks Tenderonii!
      Me, I like a guy that is witty and good with conversation and I’m sure that any intelligent girl would too! The average girl on the street doesn’t even care about that but that’s why we’re femmetotales 😉
      Like you rightly said, he can’t expect a lady to give him the honour of being the father of her dreams when he hasn’t invested anything in himself not to talk of in her.

    • Femmetotale says:

      You know how it is naa. I’ve actually heard that from a guy before and it got me chuckling too, seriously!
      The important thing is to say something that will get her attention and make her smile.

  3. praisegeorge says:

    I used to wonder how area boys, thugs, drunkards, criminals and man-whores manage to attract and keep women in their lives. No matter how bad or ‘useless’ a guy is, there is a lady somewhere who wants him. And these ladies believe in these men and some of them are even ready to do anything for them. The truth is that like minds attract themselves.

    This is where your point on preparation comes to play. Preparation is simply working on yourself. When you are prepared, you will meet and easily connect with your mirror reflection.

    Success is WHO you are, not what you do or what you have. When you work on yourself: your intellect, emotions and mind, when you improve yourself and become a guy or lady of character, with an excellent spirit, it will show. People will recognise it in you without you saying much. Who you are will show when you least expect it t, and this will attract your kind of person to you.

    About first impressions. They are really not as important as they are made to be. Nobody gets married based on first impressions. We can be easily deceived by first impressions. So, instead of wasting our energy on first impressions, I suggest we work on our character and become men and women of value.

    By the way, the fastest way to attract a member of the opposite sex is to become a person of value. I will talk more about value some other time.


    • Femmetotale says:

      ***Success is WHO you are, not what you do or what you have. When you work on yourself: your intellect, emotions and mind, when you improve yourself and become a guy or lady of character, with an excellent spirit, it will show. People will recognize it in you without you saying much.***

      Apt as always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You’ve said it all!

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