And you say you’re in love

Young woman embracing man holding beer bottle, smiling

So the Valentine’s Day has finally come to an end. Hmm…who would have thought it would ever end? Lol… at least now media houses are off to find fresh news that have got nothing to do with love or so I think. For now, I know the love bug that had bitten plenty people last week has started migrating to only-God-knows-where to await the next season. As for having fun, I’m pretty sure most people had fun that day. If you didn’t, don’t worry, there will always be another chance.

Still on the love bug and all who have been bitten or smitten (it’s still the month of love so I’m allowed to talk about it as much as I want, right?), I’m really curious about the Valentine’s day stories. Haven’t heard too many but there are the usual. I’ve heard things like “his number was not available all through the day and he claims his battery was flat” or “I still wonder if he loves me or he’s just leading me on” or “what if I’m not the only one?” I’m no expert on relationships but one thing I know is that if you have to wonder if someone really loves you then maybe you already know the answer to that.

Think about it this way. True love like a light cannot be hidden. It is like an incandescent light that needs no source of energy to shine. All the energy it needs are within. Nobody has ever been able to truly give an accurate definition of love. In fact, we’d rather say that God is love and since we’re not God then we can never truly love. Okay, maybe we humans only know how to express the kind of love that depends on conditions or feelings but I know one thing for sure. There’s a manual that tells us what love is and what love is not. Have you ever read that manual? Before you go cracking your pretty brain, trying to decipher whether his words are true or not, here’s what you should know about love.

Love has a personality. He has a face, a name an attitude and an expression. Love is a patient and kind person. Love looks honest and tells the truth at all times. Love can go the distance or walk a thousand miles to prove himself. Love is hopeful. It will take a great deal of effort to make love lose faith in times of trouble. Love is enduring and doesn’t act out in anger even when he is provoked. You know who love isn’t? Love is not that man that is murderously jealous or boastful. He is not too proud to apologize when he does something wrong and he is not rude. He is not selfish and doesn’t insist on having his way all the time. Love is not irritable but is understanding. Love does not keep a grudge. He is quick to forget things you did that hurt him (I’m still learning that one). He doesn’t rejoice when other people hit bad times and above all, never loses faith in you, the one he loves.

…And you say you are in love. Let’s live love and let’s learn to recognize love when we find it. You want to know more about love? Check out 1 Corinthians 13.

So, the Valentine’s day is over but let’s live, give and be love.

Keep being complete…


17 thoughts on “And you say you’re in love

  1. Cee says:

    This is the best and most profound post I have read on Love/Vals day :)! Thanks for sharing this. Made me think. Lol..I’m officially your newest blog fan/follower!

  2. imperfectlyperfect92 says:

    great post ma’am.
    1cor 13, blueprint for what love should be. I was at DCC on last sunday where Pastor Okonkwo said love is an action, its not a feeling. you may not feel like it but you go all out to do it for your better half anyway, why? cuz that’s what love does, its a commitment..
    I am also striving to do this using people around me now as experiments. lol.
    but seriously, if we don’t love friends and family around us like it should be done, how do we hope to show love to our ‘the one’ in the future.lets start now..

    • Femmetotale says:

      Someone’s fishing for gist 😀
      Well, all I can say is as per being on love on the conditional and feeling level, yes I have
      But the deeper meaning of love as I’ve written in this post,
      I’m still striving towards that.
      I believe that it’s the God-kind of love that can
      only be attained or expressed through total surrender and transformation by His power.

  3. Praise George says:

    Alicia, I like the way you ‘opened up’ 1Corinthians13.
    Love is not just and emotion: you shiver when he touches you, you feel good when you are near her, she makes your heart beat faster, he makes you laugh,etc. All that is good but love is MORE than our feelings.
    Love is character.
    This is the simple reason why some relationships don’t work. Instead of working on their character-patience, kindness, self control, humility, kind consideration, investing value in your partner, etc- they waste their time on their feelings and feelings are so unreliable, unstable and very fickle.
    If you feel good, he is the one. If you don’t feel good, he is not the one. How can you possibly live like that?
    Love is COMMITMENT to a person or a cause. Feelings follow commitment and character.
    When you find that person you want to spend your life with, then make a commitment, feelings will follow.
    Read more about love and relationships at

    • Femmetotale says:

      Thanks Lizzie!
      Read ur post on hope and possibilities.
      It’s simply beautiful… can’t find express it any better.
      Tried commenting on ur blog but I keep running into technical difficulties.
      Will try again later.

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