About Femmetotale


The inspiration for femmetotale came in response to a need for quality christian material for godly women. This may sound selfish but I started femmetotale for myself. There were times when I really just needed to read something that would enrich me spiritually and sometimes I just need a christian perspective on general lifestyle issues and matters concerning the heart. All I came across were stuff that couldn’t speak to that need. So I started writing things I wished someone else would write and things I needed to hear. Most of the posts are real experiences that involved me or people I know while some are purely fictional. They all speak to a need and I read them as though it is someone else speaking to me. I thought I could share this with other ladies in my shoes too. I have always loved writing but now I have a double reward because while I enjoy putting my thoughts into words, I am also enriched with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I hope u enjoy reading femmetotale and that you get to experience for yourself the beauty of God’s inspiration. Please share with your friends too. You never know who may need it.


Welcome to femmetotale.wordpress.com. Femme totale is french for the ‘total woman’. It is aimed at the contemporary christian young woman who is interested in living a wholesome christian life. With articles ranging from real life experiences to discussion fora and contributions from specialists, femmetotale promises to be a continuously awesome experience for young women.

Are you a young woman in this 21st Century? Do you desire to become a woman after God’s heart? Are you searching for guidance in living a Godly life? Do you aspire to become a model woman for the younger generation to emulate? Do you seek guidance in your relationships? Have you ever found yourself accepting defeat in your challenges? Do you have pressing issues that you wish you could change? Are you constantly trying to be heard over men? Have you come to believe that it is impossible to be a virtuous young woman in these trying times?

Then you have come to the right place.

Dare to be a young woman with a difference!

21 thoughts on “About Femmetotale

  1. Scoop Jackson..."News 60" says:

    Good idea here! Stand up for what you believe and “make” things happen where you see the need. Thank you for the visit to my site as well.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. Clement says:


    Greetings to you in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Your blog is very inspirational to women. Thanks for following my Blog.

  3. lessonsbyheart says:

    I love the idea of writing what I wish someone else would have written for me to read. That’s an excellent perspective on how to write. It certainly gives your articles the appeal needed to reach others, with lots of food for thought!


  4. Kim says:

    Thanks for stopping by “Unwalled” and deciding to follow; I am truly honored. I pray that the Lord uses my posts to encourage, edify and inspire you in some way in 2013 and beyond. Peace and blessings!……..Kim

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