What the men say

You know how you just get so frustrated knowing that you want to say something to her, to bare your mind and you just can’t cos you’re afraid you’ll hurt her feelings? Well, this is an opportunity for the men to tell us what they love and what they hate. Ladies, don’t be ashamed to accept corrections and don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to disagree with them through the comments box (**lol).

“I so hate it when a woman is proud and haughty or materialistic… I believe beauty comes from the inside out. Once she has a beautiful character, she’ll be endeared to my heart”. -Samson

“I like it when she takes control of her life, knows what she wants and aims at it. If she succeeds, I don’t mind her bursting my ears with her success stories.”

“Sometimes I just want to shake her and ask her why her phone seems to be the one receiving her love and attention more than me….and to think that I bought that phone …”  -Christian

Why do they have to make it so hard for us to know what they want? I know some times no means yes and sometimes yes means no but how are we supposed to know which one they mean? I think someone needs to invent a machine like the polygraph to detect what a woman is saying.    -Matt

“I want her to be like my mom (not physically of course)….just to love me unconditionally and believe in me always”. -Ratty

Why can’t they just help us out by letting us know they like us instead of playing hard to get and playing mind games. It can be very frustrating. -M. Eze

One thought on “What the men say

  1. Concerned fellow says:

    Hello Princecil, who is this your blogger fiancee and what has she done to deserve this outburst? Does she know how you feel?

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