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The fourth sister of the year is here again and we’re all embracing her in excitement. The year started off slow but now it’s moving at a frenzied speed! I hope March brought you all your expectations. Don’t worry even if it didn’t. All things have their appointed times and seasons. You just have to be patient and trust God.

I had an exciting March. I told you I was marching into March in faith and walking in faith all the way. It’s been a beautiful experience of God’s faithfulness and I’ve been walking on air. Remind me someday, to tell y’all why I’ve been walking on air 😀 . In the meantime, just know that God’s faithfulness is forever and as long as you’re one of His, you are marked for good things.

The third month of the year started and ended gloriously for me and I hope it’s been the same story in your lives. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my walk of faith, it is that just like the wind blows and we do not know from where it is coming and to where it is going, so also God’s plans for our lives. We know it is there, we can feel it but we are never quite certain exactly how it will pan out but can you just stop worrying and put your faith in God? If you insist on worrying then tell me, how much have you been able to change on your own by worry? If you know nothing else, know that God loves you and has only good plans for you. Stay positive and expect the best.

Now, we’re in April, the season for sowing. The soils of your lives have been moistened by the dews of heaven. What are you going to put into this soil? Take time to reflect on this and like they say, it is always better to start early. May the month bring you good news and gladden your heart for all to see.

So, what to look out for this April on Femmetotale! You can be sure as always to find loads of inspirational stuff to keep you merry this month. We kicked off this month with a post about the contemporary Christian young woman in the work place. That’s right! It’s not enough to say you’re a Christian young woman, everybody must know it too. Not just because you rub it in their faces but because your light is so bright that everybody can see you are different. Expect more stuff to inspire you to stand out in your work place this month.

Also, there’s a cool new category on Femmetotale – FemmeStar, where we celebrate inspirational women who are doing incredible things that take a great deal of discipline and of course the star factor to achieve. Don’t forget to watch out for the To Fan An Old Flame series – a tale of love reawakened and hearts intertwined in a love story where old flames and new flames meet. As the plot thickens, the question is whose love is real and whose flame has been rekindled?

Have a wonderful month and don’t forget to keep being complete.

Till this time next month, keep being the complete woman!


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20 thoughts on “Femme’s Note

  1. lessonsbyheart says:

    Love your intro! Thanks for following LBH. I’m glad you found me, cos it led me to your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more from your heart. 🙂
    Praise Jesus!

    • femmetotale says:

      Thanx love!!! I’m really encouraged when I find that there are so many other people who share my passion for God’s word. Good job on your blog and I’m glad I found you too.

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