Letters to Femmetotale



Permit me to start this piece with a confession, (not the type you make before a priest though) that I am not a writer. I am more of a speaker than a writer but by sheer providence, today I am writing. Please pardon my inadequacies, if any.

While writing this, in a bid to drive home my point and communicate my exact thoughts, I gathered all the lexicons I could find in my office. My colleagues stared at me, perplexed, wondering what I was up to. I told them I was searching for the meaning of the word, “MANNA”. One asked, “Should that simple word provoke the gathering of all these dictionaries?” I simply replied that I don’t believe in residual knowledge. “Good luck,” she said.

The first definition of Manna I saw described it as the food that God provided for the people of Israel during their 40 years in the desert. In a bid to get a deeper meaning, I consulted another dictionary which defined it as delicious food for the body or mind. Still curious, I consulted yet another dictionary which gave the meaning of the word, Manna as any food for the mind or spirit…

As the curiosity heightened, a reflection of an event in the holy book crossed my mind and I recalled the story of the children of Israel in the wilderness and the miraculous gift of manna in Exodus 16 vs.15.

In the course of my life, I have attended different churches and denominations. Some of these churches have their daily, weekly and monthly devotionals which some of them often refer to as “Daily manna”.

There is “Open Heaven” by The Redeemed Christian Church of God, “Rapsody of Reality” by Christ Embassy, “Daily Fire” by Mountain of Fire, “Daily Reflection” by The Catholic Church and so many others. It then became clear to me that manna is any edifying, intellectual material that one is accustomed to reading on a daily basis to provide a boost for a fulfilled day. Such materials could be inspirational sermons, motivational speeches, quotes from great philosophers, social works, commentaries, bible reading etc. All these could be daily manna depending on one’s belief, religion, interest or background. Therefore, manna is not necessarily food but whatever one does on daily basis that gives him or her a sense of satisfaction.

It is on this note that I perceive FEMMETOTALE to be my daily manna. I must confess that I have not being a long follower of Femmetotale. I just read that it is one year old now. Congratulations! My first encounter with Femmetotale was sometime in mid-March, 2013 when I became friends with the brain behind it on social media. Since then till date, I have been an ardent follower of Femmetotale.

I understand that this quintessential lady has posted over 75 articles in different spheres of life on this blog ranging from relationship, religion, emancipation, family lives, political and social life. I have been privileged to read some of her works. I particularly enjoyed reading; The Nigeria of my Dreams in which this thoughtful lady uses a dream to portray her expectation for this great country and the blissful future ahead, Women in Obscurity where she tells the story of how religion has put some women in bondage, Someone Please Tell the Girls that advises women not to walk by sight in making choice of a life partner and Quarter Past One which tells the story of deceitful men who marry abroad and come back to their home country to remarry. I have also read her latest post, An Eve to Blame that talks about how man blames a woman for all his misfortunes, even the one caused by man to himself. All these are lessons-filled thoughts.

I make it a point of duty each day to visit the blog and have my daily manna. But my greatest regret is that this manna is not available on daily basis. These posts are inspirational, motivational, instructional, educative and lessons-filled. Each time I read a post from this blog, it boosts my confidence that there is hope for this great country called Nigeria because there are people who are still impacting lives and their generation in their little ways.

I have been so addicted to Femmetotale that each time I check on the blog and do not see a new post for my daily manna, I put a call across to this classical brain behind this project. The usual excuse is that of being too busy with work or network challenges.

In a nutshell, all I can say to this beautiful and quintessential brain behind Femmetotale is, keep up the good work because your thoughts are inspiring, your contributions are legendary, your views are mastering and your works are illuminating.

I hope and pray that this little appreciation from your follower will spur you into a more dedicated life of writing.

Kudos! Kudos!! Kudos!!! Femmetotale, My Daily Manna.

Emmanuel O.

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