To be a side chic

Couple walking together

How does the story end? What choices will Tomi make? This is your chance to predict the end of To be a Side Chic before it is published. The person that gives the most accurate prediction will receive a complimentary copy of my next short story before it is posted here!! Cheers!!! 🙂

It was supposed to be a very simple trip; take a taxi to the airport, get a ticket, get on the plane, arrive at Lagos in one hour and call her brother once they alight from the plane. Little did she know that things would not be that simple. The day started out quite normally for Tomi. She had packed her bags the previous day, woken up early and arrived at the airport around 6am. Her flight was scheduled for 8 but she wanted to be at the airport on time to avoid the embarrassment she had endured the last time. She was in high spirits. She had been planning to visit her only brother and his wife in Lagos for months but one thing or the other always came up and spoilt her plans.

First, the flight did not take off at 8am. The operator announced in a bored voice that there would be a slight delay and that passengers should please be patient. Tomi was patient….well, up until 11am when the voice announced yet again that the problem would soon be rectified. It wasn’t until 2pm that they heard the final apology and were asked to board. By then she was already tired, hungry and grumpy. She had barely eaten two slices of bread that morning just so that she could make it to the airport on time. Other angry passengers were complaining about the delay while she was just happy it was finally over.

Everything else was quite normal after that until they got to Lagos. They arrived Lagos in one hour and she went to pick her box from the baggage claim area. She had to stand there for a few minutes. It was quite rowdy and the boxes were just thrown haphazardly on the luggage belts. There was no use complaining, she simply picked up her box and headed to the gate. The box seemed heavier than normal so she stopped to adjust it. That was when she noticed that the name on its tag wasn’t hers. Alarmed, she quickly rushed back to find hers and drop the box where she got it. She couldn’t seem to find any other box like hers there and she was beginning to worry when someone tapped her. “Excuse me, you seem to have taken my box.” Tomi turned to see a guy with the most dreamy eyes she had ever seen. He seemed a bit surprised too, as though she was different from what he had expected when he saw her from behind. She laughed nervously and handed the box over to him. “I’m sorry, I thought it was mine,” Tomi said.

He laughed nervously too, “Thank God we realized it before we left the airport.” They walked out together and he even offered to help her with her own box. Tomi was impressed. It wasn’t every day that one came across a guy that acted like a complete gentleman.

Tomi stole glances at the guy walking beside her. Although he was of average height, he was well built and had a pleasant face. He had a nice gait and looked like someone who was used to being in charge. He seemed like an interesting person and Tomi who was enjoying the wisps of his nice perfume was not ashamed to admit to herself that she hoped he would ask her out….

To be continued….


NB: Watch out for the concluding part of To be a Side Chic… ‘You don’t rush a delicious meal!’ 🙂