A Bunch of Sour Grapes

in traditional clothing

Inspiration for young Christian women. Have you ever heard someone use this expression, “It’s just a bunch of sour grapes?” Perhaps you’ve even used it before without knowing what it meant or you may have used the broken English form of it, “Abeg leave am jor, nothing dey there.”

Okay then, let me tell you a little story about a bunch of sour grapes. Mr. Fox was whistling as he walked down the forest path. Then he saw this bunch of grapefruits, completely ripe and looking so juicy. He just had to have them. So, he tried to reach for the grapes but every time he tried to pluck any it seemed to stretch further from his hand. Finally, he gave up and hissed, “They’re probably just a bunch of sour grapes, anyway,” he said and sauntered away with his wounded pride.

We’ve all had one or two experiences with a bunch of sour grapes. At least, I can admit that I’ve abandoned a number of things I just felt weren’t working out and labeled them a bunch of sour grapes. We say it’s good to persist but persistence is too difficult and degrading. Once you try and it doesn’t work out, you just give up and move on to something else.

I can’t think of one invention that didn’t come through persistence. Thomas Edison didn’t discover the light bulb in a day. He tried and failed a good number of times. You didn’t succeed at a job interview and you’ve given up already, saying, “This job thing is just not for me, please. What’s the hype all about?” Maybe they’ve told you that faith works and you can be healed through faith. The day you became really sick, you tried all you were taught on faith for healing and it didn’t seem to work so again you labeled it a bunch of sour grapes.

The woman whose daughter was terminally ill didn’t give up even after Jesus told her that He couldn’t give what was meant for the kids to the dogs. She didn’t take offence rather she found a way to make it work for her by saying that even the crumbs under the table could be given to the dogs and Jesus marveled at her faith.

The truth is that as simple as faith is sometimes you require persistence to really operate in it. Jesus told us that if we have faith as tiny as a mustard seed then we could move mountains with it. If you’ve ever seen a mustard seed then you know that it’s just about the same size as a grain of sand. Can you have faith as small as a grain of sand? Do you know how many things you could have lost in life by giving up instead of holding on in faith?

It really shouldn’t be that difficult for us to have faith. A baby never doubts that his mother will breast feed him when he is hungry. Why then do we find it so hard to believe that our Father will do what he promised to do for us? Didn’t He say that our earthly parents cannot give us snake when we ask for fish neither can they give us stone in place of bread so how much more our heavenly father who loves us dearly.


I’m often tempted to call everything that I didn’t get easily a bunch of sour grapes but I’ve learned something better. I’m learning to persist and have faith. After all, I’m a femmetotale. Wouldn’t you try it too?